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Articles on Astrology
Sade Sati Retrograde Planets Yantra
Comparison between India..
Sade Sati

A period of Sade Sati occurs in everyone`s life. Know about this dreaded time of Seven and a half years and how to make the best of it. More...

Retrograde Planet

Every now and then, Planets leaves their normal direction and start taking the reverse course. Learn the general effects whenever any planet turns retrograde, and how we should make the best out of its motion. More...


Simple looking, but involving complex mathematical and scientific faculties, these instruments are capable of manifesting different forms of energies for our benefits. Learn about Yantras and its uses. More...

Comparison Between Western and Indian Astrology

This article focuses on the in-depth difference between the two branches of astrology regarding considerations of zodiacs, planets, Predictions etc. More... | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us