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Basics of Lal kitab
Basic of Lal kitabThe basis of Lal Kitab lies with Samudrik shastra. A chart is cast by studying the subject`s palm. The palm is divided in twelve zones as per the twelve houses in the horoscope. The placement of various types of signs, symbolic of each planet is marked out, and detailed planetary position is depicted in the chart. The native`s problem is analysed by looking at the horoscope. Influences of planets are derived out of their positions in the respective houses. Cause of the trouble is singled out. Then accordingly certain remedies are suggested to encounter malefic effects of the particular planet. Every interpretation is guided by the Sutras Explained in the book.

Through Lal kitab system, a subject`s house`s vastu can be derived out by looking at his horoscope. Certain remedies are suggested to change the vastu of the house by placing things in certain direction. At other times remedies comprises of simple use of non-living objects/ eatables etc. The cures are provided by altering the presence of objects around us, or by making slight changes in the routine. Thus, this combination of Vaastu, palmistry and astrology is used to gain practical insight in human life, and alter it with amazing simplicity. Lal kitab does not believe in complicated methods of analysis and solution giving.

Lal Kitab is classified extensively in Five volumes:

Lal kitab ke Farmaan.

This book sets the foundation for the Lal kitab astrology. It is a thoroughly illustrated book in which usage of Samudrik shastra is explained in detail. Right from explaining toenail and lines on forehead, to with fine points of palmistry is described in relavance with their respective relation to the planets. Every further move is based on these basics only. There are about 181 farmaans in the book.

Basic of Lal kitabLal kitab ke Armaan

This book lays the foundation of the basic astrology. The twelve houses, and Lal kitab astrology is explained with reference to the palmistry in the earlier sequel. In this book, the relation between signs on the palm and chart making is established. Effects of the planets in the houses are also described in details. Certain concepts are also introduced in this book, which are exclusive to Lal Kitab astrology only.


Gutka is a pocketbook for reference. In this book, the combined information from the early two books is summarized for the benefit of the reader. A unique and simplified method for creating Varshphal is also described here. In this method, time zones can be fine tuned in months, weeks and even days, hours, minutes and seconds. Predictions are made with accuracy using the Varshaphal system.

Lalkitab-1 and Lalkitab-2

These two books in the sequel has various remedies for different planetary afflictions described in details. These may be the simple remedy pertaining to change the vastu of the house, or doing certain actions utilizing eatables and inanimate objects. Though some methods may seem close to voodoo methods, none of these are ever intended for any harmful purpose.
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