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Four Fingers in Palmistry
Napoleon IndexIndex finger

Also known as the finger of Jupiter, Index finger depicts the power of self (or Ego).
In our routine reflexes and gestures, we use this finger to assert our authority. Mostly to make a point, or to threaten a person.

A healthy well balanced index finger reaching till the bottom of the nail of the middle finger, represents balanced ego. Increase in length from then onwards depicts lust for power edging in domination. It shows absolute tyranny when it shoots above the middle finger. If its equal to middle finer (napoleon index), high ambition for power is in attendance.

A short index finger shows timidity.

If the finger leans towards thumb it shows quest for independence. If it leans towards middle finger, then morbid disposition is present.

Middle Finger

Middle finger is the finger of Saturn. It conveys the sense of discipline and responsibility in a person. It is usually the longest finger in the hand.

If the finger leans towards index finger, a tendency for superstition is indicated. Similarly, if it leans towards Apollo (ring) finger, them the gloomy is lessened out considerably with the effect of Sun.

If the longest finger is in balance with the rest of the fingers, than a balanced nature is achieved. If the finger is too long, then the effects and gloominess is enhanced. In case middle finger is too short, the person is downright frivolous.

Ring finger

The ring finger is also known as the finger of Apollo. It denotes the person`s love for aesthetics, arts, romantic disposition and emotional flairs.

If the length of the ring finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger than the person is endowed with balanced emotions.

In case the Apollo finger reaches longer than that, it depicts a spontaneous disposition and lack of caution.

If the finger is short enough, and is unable to reach the nail bottom of middle finger, it shows that the subject has difficulty in expressing him/ her self.

Little Finger

The little finger depicts our communication capabilities and business acumen. People with sharp wits and linguistic flairs have beautiful little fingers.
It is the shortest finger of all.

Ideally it reaches the bottom of first phalange of ring finger.

In case the little finger is longer, it shows very sharp business skills (shrewdness) or sense of communication. If the little finger is shorter than required, then the person has trouble in grasping, talking or writing. The agility in thinking or action is also considerably low.

If the little finger bents towards the Apollo finger, that means there is a combination of commercial activities with arts.
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