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Fingers in Palmistry
FingersA person`s fingers are easy to study, and easiest to decipher.

A quick look at the fingers requires observation of knots and finger shapes.

Upper knot in a finger (just below the nail) depicts idealism or philosophy. Hands with prominent upper knots deal more in ideas and abstracts.

A lower knot depicts material drive. The person with dominant lower knots has material inclinations or dominant view of practical side of life.

Ideally, equal development of both knots is desired.

Finger Tip Shapes

  • Square Finger Tips

  • People who have this type of fingertips tend to be careful and methodical thinkers. These people take a rational view of life. However, on the down side they tend to lack creativity.

  • Pointed Finger Tips

  • These people have a sensitive and fragile personality. These fingertips are associated with artists, writers, poets and daydreamers.

  • Conic Finger Tips

  • Conic Finger Tips
    These people have a flexible disposition and make good negotiators. Emotional security is important for their peace of mind.

  • Spatulate Finger Tips

  • These are action-oriented people who tend to be dynamic thinkers. They are usually inventors, explorers and pioneers in new industries.

    The combination of these two factors should be taken into account while judging a person`s characteristics. For example, a square finger with smooth upper joint will depict the inclination of person for practical reasoning and love for arts. A conic shaped finger with prominent lower joint will show an emotional person with practical disposition.

    The length of finger, and the base where its established in the palm is also indicative of the powers carried by that finger. A finger with its base established quite low in the palm considerably looses its influence.
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