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Five in Numerology
FiveThe number "Five" vibrates to the planet `Mercury.`

It provides with the energy that is sharp, agile, Versatile and highly effervescent. Everyone or everything ruled by this number is governed by intellect and good communication skills.

Number five gives its profound effect when in sun sign of Gemini and Virgo, Mercury being the ruler of these two signs.

With the fiery sun signs of Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo; and Air ruled signs of Libra and Aquarius, the characteristics of this number gels well that of the zodiac`s.

The vibrations of this number are in contrast to that of the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, and water signs such as Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Hence it gives varied and unexpected results when placed with these signs.

Number 5 people have inbred charming and witty disposition, which never fails to impress people. They are endowed with creative skills in writing and speaking. No wonder they do so well in fields of communication, especially media. They are quick in thinking, and often have agile physical movements as well. They constantly seek change and stimulation. Versatility is their forte.

People belonging to this number are highly logical, and are governed by intelligent thinking and analysis. This tendency when carried too far becomes the reason when they tend to fare bad where love and instincts should be the priority (such as marriage and relationships).

Number five people possess full interest and caliber in art of conversation. Until and unless they are balanced with a very stable horoscope, they tend to be quite restless and anxious. Their interests are as diversified as their emotions and calibers.

This number spreads out the intelligence and charm in whatever entity it touches, and their ideas brings about a lot of inventiveness and creativity in the world that would otherwise get mundane.
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