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Head Line in Palmistry
This is the most important line while assessing an individual`s personality and attitudes. It also shows how a person`s thinking is going to shape his/her life.

The headline has three possible origins:

  • Weaved with lifeline at the start - Head Line Weaved with lifeline at the start

    such people are attached with their surrounding and loved ones. More the brain line and lifeline is integrated, more prominent is the attachment. Some brain lines travel halfway down the palm with this kind of chaining, showing extreme dependencies in relationships and family.

  • Springing out from lifeline itself -

    The person is deeply attached, although the struggle for creating an identity for himself is also there.

  • Independent from Lifeline -
    Head Line - Independent from Lifeline
    If the brain line is completely detached from the lifeline, then it shows a person with highly individualistic thinking. More pronounced the gap will be, more freedom-loving the individual will be.

  • The desirable headline should be long, thin yet deeply etched and free from any breaks or islands. Such a line denotes good reasoning power, intellect and grasp.

    The greater difference between the quality of head line between Passive hand (the hand with inherent qualities we are endowed with), and active hand (the hand developed by us) shows the amount of effort a person has made to improve his / her capabilities and perspective in life.

    Head Line - SlopedownIf the head life has a natural bent towards the mount of Luna (moon), the person`s thinking is very creative and emotional. More the bent, more pronounced are the traits.

    A deep sharp bent to Moon`s mount may indicate a person`s tendency to have some mental abnormality (usually hyper ness), insanity or cruelty.

    A straight brain line depicts a practical aptitude.

    Head Line -Forked at the EndMany a times the line is forked at the end, denoting a person`s aptitude for both emotional and practical perspective (usually its the desirable trait). The very feature gets imbalanced when the fork gets deep (closer to the origin of the line), as both the traits get too pronounced.

    In case the line is broken in three branches at the end, namely towards mount of moon, straight and towards the mount of mercury, then it shows a sharp acumen in life, especially business.

    A very rare case of having two headlines is in the palms of highly intelligent people. (Cheiro had this trait)
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