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Heart Line in Palmistry
Heart line represents emotions and spirituality. It starts from the edge of the hand (from the little finger side) and travels across the top of the palm

The heart line can be straight or curved.

  • A straight short heart line shows an emotionally cool person, who either bases the relationships on sex, or other practical aspects.

  • A straight long heart line reaching the middle space beneath mount of Jupiter and Saturn shows a person with warm emotions, but a tendency to put them under constant scrutiny. Spontaneity and display of affections is not that prominent with these kind of people.

  • Heart Line - Between Luck Fate
  • When the heart line is curved and reaches the portion between fore and middle fingers, it means that the person is emotional, warm and passionate.

  • When the curved heart line ends underneath the middle finger it means the person is self-centered in relationships and need to have more consideration towards one`s partner.

  • Full Stretch Heart Line
  • A person with heart line running straight across the palm will the one who will spend his entire energy in the work at hand. More higher the line in the palm, more mental the consummation will be. The display of emotions are not that easy, or atleast they take a secondary place.

  • If the curved heart line ends in the mount of Jupiter, it shows the tendency for love that is highly idealistic, and a bit far from reality. The person is incurable romantic. More the line covers the mount, more pronounced are the characteristics. A line reaching the base of fore finger will make the person too possessive, protective and demanding.

  • The curved line with fork at the end, with one branch ending in mount of Jupiter, and another below middle finger shows perfect balance and harmony in emotions. A very desirable trait.
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