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Lal kitab Remedies
Lal kitabLal kitab remedies are so simple to follow that they automatically generate doubts about the effectiveness. Cures can be as simple as giving donations, to feeding cows and dogs. The remedies are cheap and are known to give quick results. The results are said to be miraculously obtained within the range of a day to 43 days.

Such methods against the laborious methods of Yantra, mantra and Jap prove to be effective and easy to follow. Lal kitab also warns that if remedies are not suggested by a proper astrologer, they should not followed or should be instantly abandoned if negative results begin to show up.

Interestingly, Lal kitab remedies are irrespective of any religious beliefs. The remedies might include some warnings, or certain rituals to be followed only after a certain age. The remedial suggestions can range from keeping a dog, or keeping association with a particular bodied person (like a black woman). Each remedy is assigned for a particular planetary afflictions. Yet there are general remedies such as

  • Not to eat on bed;

  • Discard old useless things from home;

  • Not to insult one elders and father.

  • Such remedies are for general welfare.

    Pandit Roopchand Joshi is said to be the first and last, most effective authority on Lal Kitab. Although he published his knowledge in prose of Urdu and Punjabi, many contemporary astrologers are still trying to figure out the basis and meaning of the coded verses. In present scenario, only handful of people can claim expertise as Lal kitab astrologers. This is a pity, as people consulting from ignorant astrologers are the eventual sufferer.

    Lal kitab is quite popular with the masses, as even an illiterate and poor man can follow up the solutions. Still, a systematic study of the work is required. It is a common belief that the book will eventually be properly understood and will be added to the already rich heritage of Indian astrology.
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