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Mars Planet in Horoscope
(The Commander)

Dharani-garbha-sambhutam vidyut kanti-samaprabha
Kumaram shakti-hastam ca mangalam pranamamy aham

(I bow down to Mars, the auspicious one, who supports the womb of all creation,
shines forth with the radiance of beauty enhanced by love, and wields power in his hand.
Om, I bow down to Mars.)

Mars (The Commander)Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. This red planet is extremely fiery and masculine in nature. Mars rules bravery, determination, drive, physical and mental strength in a person. In short it defines aggressive energy in a human being. Quite aptly, Mars is the dominant planet for anyone excelling in military, martial arts, athletics, police and fire department, or in any other competitive field. Mars is also strongly marked in people associated with production of weapons and explosives. The technical and mechanical expertise given by this planet also calls for builders, designers, surgeons, engineers and professional dealing in real estate.

Mars provides a person with independent individuality and idealism. This planet rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio. While mars is known to give open aggressiveness to Arians, the aggressiveness is much secretive in Scorpio. Martians are also known for strong passionate and sexual affiliations. Under its strong influence (as made out from the chart), the subject can be of short temper and animalistic nature with amazing vitality.

Observing its characteristics, Mars was known as God of War in Greek mythology under the name Ares. According to one of the many versions Indian mythology, Mangal (Mars) was born out of Shiva`s semen directly, when the long embrace between Shiva and Parvati was broken by lord Indra`s intrusion.

Mars is strong when placed in its own houses of Aries and Scorpio. It is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, and debilitated in the sign of cancer. Jupiter, sun and moon are its natural friends. Venus and Saturn are neutral entities to Mars. While, Rahu, Ketu and Mercury are its enemies.

If placed well in the horoscope, Mars give good drive for success, strength to character, and good administrative ability to the person. When its ill placed, Mars makes the person short tempered, violent, and cruel. It can cause physical harm to the person under its strength, and make him waste energy on worthless things. A weak Mars in a person`s horoscope depicts lack of any drive, ambition, stamina or a strong character.

Mars (The Commander)Mar`s color: Red
Mar`s day: Tuesday.
Mar`s gemstone: coral.
Mar`s God/ Deity: Lord Hanuman.

Mars governs bone marrow (and hence generation of Red Blood Corpuscles), immune system of the body, and sexual drive. Therefore, an ill placed Mars can cause blood diseases, poor immune system, and lack of sexual desire in men.

Mars is a powerfully energetic Planet. If it is rightly considered a natural cause for destruction and ferocity, Understanding and controlling the faculties of this warrior planet can turn out to be the greatest asset to one`s life`s success.

Mars in all Rashis

Mars is the masculine planet representing energy, sexuality and drive in a person. Its position in different zodiacs in the natal chart produces different manifestation of energy. However, bringing out the best and the worst of its effects in our life is very much the choice of free will.

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  • Mars in Aries

    Mars rules this zodiac. All the characteristic of Aries is enhanced with this combination in a person`s chart. People with this combination are highly energetic and driven. Negatively, the person will be impulsive, rash, dominating and a scatterbrain. Positively, the person will be hard worker, with a gift for innovation and ambition. Being passionate and impulsive in the affairs of heart is a common happening with these people.

  • Mars in Taurus

    This combination produces a slow and steady sense of action in a person. The native is persistent and focused. The romantic relationships are essentially sensual, and the focus on pleasures of both the partners is present. Negatively manifested, the person is downright brutish. Positively, the person is steadfast and patient.

  • Mars in Gemini

    This placement can channelize the energy in multiple directions, or create a repeated requirement for change. The person is endowed with quick and intelligent thinking. They are very imaginative lovers, and love to them is very more mental than physical. Positively, the person is blessed with agility and efficiency in actions. Negatively, the person is running around leaving work unfinished to hop on next. He can also be sarcastic and vengeful.

  • Mars in Cancer

    Mars is not so strongly placed in this zodiac. There is a lack of aggression, and often absence of the drive as well. As lover, the person is demanding as well as giving and loyal. Positively, the person is a hard worker, with patient and maternal actions. Negatively, it gives laziness, weak drive or greed.

  • Mars in Leo

    With this combination in a natal chart, the energy and actions are always confident and shining. The passion in romance can give way to extreme emotional scenes when things don`t go according to their wishes.

    Negatively, an ego can be deeply involved in whatever the person does, calling for vanity and sheer show off. Positively, the actions are truly bright and gain its true luster.

  • Mars In Virgo

    This combination generates the actions that are truly dedicated and methodical. The energy is also high, making the subject adept and tireless. Sexually, the person might be inhibitive about displaying his passions. Positively speaking, the people in this combination are dedicated to welfare of others. Nurses, doctors and social workers usually belong to this category. Negatively, the person works to show himself/ herself on top of many, or just to gain appreciation. Timidity is also the unwanted trait often related with this sign.

  • Mars in Libra

    Mars in Libra acquires a grace and charm suitable for diplomatic professions. The drive is not so aggressive here as in case of other signs with mars. The person seeks emotional harmony than plain physical attraction. Positively, the person is well-balanced, dependable, good planner and diplomatic. Negatively, the person becomes incoherent in actions and words, is undependable, weak and vain.

  • Mars in Scorpio

    This is again another sign under the rulership of Mars. Energies under this combination are all intense and under control. Sexual manifestation of energy is highly passionate and sensual, with possessive but loyal outlook. Positively, the manifestation is a focused and highly independent personality, with sheer drive to win and succeed. Negatively, the sexual drive is too beastly, with slow grasping power, and egocentrism.

  • Mars in Sagittarius

    Mars in this combination gives high amount of enthusiastic disposition, energy and a tendency to fight for what is just. Some people born with this union should avoid fickleness in romantic life. Positively implemented, the energy is forthright and dependable with a good drive. Negatively, the person is dominating, and uncaring of others.

  • Mars in Capricorn

    Mars in this zodiac makes the person a climber with determined, ruthless drive to succeed. Nonetheless, the person is highly capable of extreme efficiency. The passions are warm, but hidden deep inside. Negatively, the person is selfish in his gains and ruthless with people. Positively, the person is ambitious, but with paternalistic instinct towards others while climbing steps to achieve the goal.

  • Mars in Aquarius

    Mars in Aquarius yields energy that is innovative, and is constantly influenced by the environment one is working in. The person with this kind of combination usually works with / for public. Unconventional attitude extends in the area of sex and romance as well, but the person remains faithful, once committed in relationship. Positively, the person is concerned for the welfare of people or team as a whole. Negatively, the person is bitter about his surrounding, and the is anti public.

  • Mars in Pisces

    The people born with this combination are usually sensitive and shy. They are efficient and happy while working with people. Full emotional involvement in romance is inevitable for this influence. Negatively, a person becomes weak and self-pitying with non-productive habits and attitude. Positively, patient person who works for welfare of others to the point of self-sacrifice. Good nurses and psychotherapists are usually endowed with this combination.
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