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Minor Lines in Palmistry
Apart from the major lines, few minor lines are also considered for overall detailed analysis. Although there are numbers of minor lines, the lines for major significance are as follows:

Minor LinesDestiny Line

Destiny line usually runs from base of the palm upto the base of middle finger. It is also known as luck line, or fate line.

If the line originates from the lifeline itself, then the person is highly attached with his family and surroundings, and hence his luck is much dependent on them.

If the line originates independently between the mounts of Venus and moon, that means the person is a self made man.

Same conclusion is applicable for the person with no luck line at all. Absence of luck line doesn`t mean absence of luck or success. At most it can mean the absence of any external support in life.

A fragmented luck line at the base, which runs strong afterwards is symbolic of a person who has to go through hurdles early in the life.

There can be many luck lines running parallel to the main one. These are all support lines.

The difference in the fate line in the two hands will reveal the fact about a person`s self-gained destiny.

Apollo Line

The line reaching the mount of Apollo or sun is termed as Apollo line. It is also famously known as the success line.

Sun line depicts the inherent capability to achieve Success in life. This line also prominently indicates personal magnetism, confidence and charisma. It is indicative of all the glory that "shows".

All the public figures and celebrities have this line very strongly etched in the palm.

If the line is short or the starting point is much up in the hand, reveals the late age period in which the subject is likely to get success. A long smooth running sun line from base of palm to mount of Apollo shows prominent success throughout the life. If the origin occurs from the middle of palm, the success is accordingly delayed.

A person with strong fate line and success line- both, is likely to amass a lot of achievement in life.

Mercury Line

Starting from the mount of mercury and reaching the lifeline, this line indicates the free flow of our energy. If the line is simply and smoothly etched without breaks, that reveals a person who is capable of smooth communication, has robust health and is endowed with a balanced disposition in life.

A broken mercury chain indicates repression of feelings (or not so free communication), ill disposition in health, and the fact that the subject is not happy with the circumstances in his life.
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