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Mounts in Palmistry
Mounts are the extra raised pads of flesh in our palm. A hand is the constant receiver of signals from the brain. There are regions in a palm where extra transmission of signals, bringing extra blood supply are padded with extra flesh for protection. These areas are called mounts.

Each mount in the palm is symbolic to a particular planet in astrology, and represents the same qualities in a person.

Mount of Venus

Mount of VenusVenus mount endows one with love, physical appearance, inclination for arts and beauty, sense of aesthetics, luxuries in life, love for good food and wine, sensualities, romance, compassion et el.

A well-balanced raised mount with pink tinge depicts well-balanced aspects in the above-mentioned fields.

An underdeveloped mount depicts the person lacking in all the faculties of Venus.

An overdeveloped Venus depicts the person`s overindulgence in food and sex. The physical passion can take the brutish force if the person`s hand has those qualities in overall reading.

Mount of Moon

Mount of MoonThe mount of moon shows our emotional side and thinking patterns, our imagination, creativity, sensitivity, intuitions, maternal instincts, harmony in relationships etc.

A well-balanced mount of Luna gives all round success in life, be it in business or personal. A balanced and creative life lays the foundation for a subject`s harmonious and accomplished life.

An underdeveloped mount shows the person to be unimaginative, non-intuitive, or emotionally cold.

An overdeveloped mount of Moon shows the person to be too creative and imaginative, extremely maternal and intuitive, with strong attraction towards water bodies,. The person can also be cold and vacillating (depends upon other indicators).

Mount of Jupiter

Mount of JupiterMount of Jupiter in a palm represents fortune, confidence, a sense of authority, piousness, inclination towards religion, education, knowledge, optimism, ambition, integrity, compassion, expansion and justice.

A well-developed mount of Jupiter confirms the person to be well educated, of high esteem and character, honorable and ambitious with healthy self-confidence and optimistic attitude towards life.

An underdeveloped mount shows the person lacking in the above-mentioned qualities. The person is under confidant, pessimistic and have lesser prospects in life.

An overdeveloped mount shows extremes in ambition or ego, upto the point of being Vain.

Mount of Saturn

Mount of SaturnThe mount of Saturn embodies all the astrological qualities of the planet. It showcases the tendencies of discipline and hard work in a person. Resolution, hard work, practicality, wisdom, longevity, a sense of responsibility, gloom, stamina, patience, reliability, caution, solitude and repression. All these qualities are attached with this mount.

It is usually desirable that this mount does not have its independent existence. The mount is better when merged with the other two side mounts.

Studying the middle finger does the assessment of the qualities of mount. If the middle finger is just a nail longer than index or ring finger, it shows balanced Saturn qualities.

In case of saturnine people, the mount is actually raised in the centre (i.e. having an independent existence). In that case, the attributes of the planet are quite prominent in the person.

If other palm features are indicative of an overall positive persona, then the person is responsible, wise and tenacious, though subjected to over caution, solitude and gloom.

In case the negative traits are indicated, the person is ambitious, cold and downright ruthless.

If the Saturn qualities are absent, that is the middle finger is shorter than required, then the person is totally frivolous.
Mount of Apollo

Mount of ApolloSun is the creator of the self. It endows physical self, energy, vitality, creativity, generosity and compassion in our life. Sun is the symbol of success, power, and fame. Spine, fatherhood and children, illumination, light, soul, charisma, personal magnetism, strength, ruler-ship, majesty, authority, gold, dignity, originality, honour, fame, glory, fortune, extravagance, pride, arrogance, vanity, fire, and energy- all these are embodiment of the qualities of Sun.

The mount of Apollo in our palm shows the extent to which these very characteristics are developed.

A healthy looking, well-developed mount depicts a person enriched with all these attributes in a well-balanced ways.

An underdeveloped mount shows the person lacking in all these qualities.

An overdeveloped mount characterizes a person who is too arrogant, extravagant and vain.

He / she is the lover of him and himself only. They consider themselves to be the sole centre of existence and are self-centered and manipulative to the extreme.

Mount of Mercury

Mount of MercuryMercury embodies intellect, communication skills, nervous system, travels, wit, shrewdness, versatility, reasoning, understanding, interest, education, grasping, mind etc. In hands dominated by negative aspects, it shows fickleness, superficiality, nervous disposition with a hyper tendency to criticize, and lack of emotions in a person.

Normally developed mount of mercury is indicative of caliber in communication and thinking, with good amount of interests and business sense.

A not so developed mount indicates a person who is unable to grasp things quickly, and is at loss with communication.

An overdeveloped mount depicts a person with great deal of nervous energy, astute business acumen, and extremely restless creative energy channelised into communication.

Mount of Mars

Mount of MarsMount of Mars is divided in two regions in the palm (as shown by the figure).

The upper mars, also known as the active mars, depicts vitality, courage, aggression, straightforwardness, leadership qualities, dynamism and drive. The negative qualities manifested by it are brutality, coarseness, foolhardy and immaturity.

A well-developed upper mount of mars represents the well-balanced qualities of the planet.

An underdeveloped mount depicts the person to be totally lacking in courage, vitality, drive and virility.

An overdeveloped Mars shows the person to be very courageous who thrives on adventures and excitement. If the other aspects of palm are not positive, then these very qualities may turn in brutal force and unnecessary aggression.

The Lower Mars, or Passive mars mount is as shown in the figure.

It depicts inner strength, stamina and courage.

A well-developed Lower Mars shows that the person has the caliber to go through the trying situations in life with aplomb.

An underdeveloped mount depicts the person to be cowardly and spineless.

An overdeveloped mount shows the person to have superhuman stamina and courage to face pain and sufferings in life.
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