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Nadi Literature
Nadi LiteratureThere are more than 24 Granthas on Nadi shastra. Most of them are named after the sages who developed them. Yet, not every Nadi Grantha is effective. There exist some Granthas poorly written or interpreted that can unravel past with accuracy, but do not interpret about future and remedies with the same kind of precision.. One should be aware about these malfunctioning texts before consulting a reader. Nadi Granthas are known as Nadi Samhitas in northern India.

Many of the Granthas, still in original Sanskrit texts, are stored in libraries or temple vaults. Many Nadi leaves are also stacked away for the use of future generations.

Some important Nadi Granthas are Guru Nadi; Sutra Nadi; Markandeya Nadi; Nandi Nadi; Suka Nadi; Sudha Nadi; Saraswati Nadi; Dhruva Nadi; Satya Nadi; and Chandra Nadi. Among these Sukra and Dhruva Nadis are important ones; they give fairly accurate life history.

There are two types of original Granthas on Dhruva Nadis, namely satyacharya and jai muni, based on Sayan system unlike other Nadis that are based on Nirayan system. Satya Nadi deals with the prominent people in every field, along with details about their life and accomplishments.

In various Nadis like Bhrigu Samhita, Horoscope is related with the Nadi shastra, the outcome of which is derived by different permutations and combinations. This is unlike many Nadis who use Nadi amsha (part of any sign), and go on detailing about person`s event and happening in life.

There are Nadi Granthas whose basis of reasoning is given astrologically, whereas, in some cases the records are based without any tangible reason. This lack of apparent reasoning leaves the learners utterly confused.

Whatever the controversies related with this branch of astrology is, the fact remains that Nadi shastra is getting more and more popular in modern times. The recipients of the predictions provided by it are deeply impressed by the detailed revelation of facts. Indeed it`s a miraculous experience to know that one`s life have been written on a palm leaf thousands of years ago, by the representatives of profound wisdom of ancient India.

It is considered that 40% of today`s population only can access records of their destinies. The person seeking his life pattern will himself come to consult the leaves. Even the exact time when the seeker of that particular leaf will arrive is written out in the leaf.

Nadi shastra is the most amazing accomplishment of ancient India. It strengthens our belief in destiny being the guiding force of our existence.
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