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Nine in Numerology
Nine`Mars` is the ruler of the number Nine.

Mars is the planet of courage, drive, aggression and masculine energy.
All these qualities are the inherent embodiment of the number Nine.

When the sun sign is `Aries`, Nine enhances the sign`s characteristics manifolds.

The qualities of this number are in opposition with peace loving Libra and Pisces. Hence, traits of both these zodiacs can be balanced out eventually.

Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius gel well with this number`s disposition. While earthy signs (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo) and the other two water signs (Scorpio and Cancer) are not in alignment with this number. Therefore it is bound to give unexpected and varied results whenever the combination of these Sun signs and number nine occurs.

Number nine imparts ferocious drive and energy to the person and entity its associated with. "Nine" people are highly determined and courageous people. They go after what they want with zeal and fearlessness. They seem to be stubborn because of their added enthusiasm and display of perfect confidence. At some times, they may actually seem to be pushy.

In reality, they are honest and loyal people with very transparent thought process (until and unless a sun sign with contradictary characteristics dominates). Its just that they follow any idea or ideals with extra fervor.

Inspite of their confident behaviour, they are very vulnerable souls from inside. They would never show it, but its necessary for them to be loved, respected and admired. This often becomes the root cause of their adherence to their own believes and rebel with ideas of others.

They are often very friendly and trusting to others. This may be the very quality that proves them naοve at times. Nine number people should guard against flaring up of tempers and fruitless aggressive pursuits. They should be more tolerant of other`s views, and have patience in general.

Number Nine people are great initiators and natural leaders. They lead people through a common goal or idea. Usually, they are quite generous and often brilliantly intelligent. This child like disposition makes a number nine person chase a rainbow, and finally achieve it as reward.
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