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One in Numerology
OneOne imparts the all-powerful vibes of `Sun`.

The number provides distinct effects under different Zodiacs:

In Leo - The vibes of the number will be strong and the characteristics will be more prominent.
In Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius and Libra - the number will still be in harmony with that of the sign. The characteristics of Number 1 gels well with the characteristics of the zodiac.
In Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces - The number 1 vibration will bring out the qualities in the most unexpected manner. Many a times the number qualities might `seem` to be absent, surfacing out prominently at other occasions.

The number will balance the sun sign nature of Aquarius.

Number `One` provides natural leadership qualities to the person. Number 1 people are initiators and leaders. They tend to take charge of a situation with self-assurance and confidence that shows. It is a very powerful number, which makes its presence known wherever it goes. The number 1 person is also occasionally known for His/ her bossy attitude towards others. More often the confidence is bright on surface with hidden streaks of vulnerability inside.

Number 1 people are highly independent individuals with a habit of holding on to their attitude. Anyone trying to oppose them might be treated harshly by them.

They like grandeur and want to live life in its full. The `Sun` number imparts brightness and energy in everything it undertakes. A person within the influence of this number should channelize his active and passionate nature in something productive, so that the extra energy doesn`t turn into ego and aggressiveness. One should also check in rigidity and stubbornness.

The whole idea of dictating things around to get things done in a better way sounds like a good idea. But this control freak, demanding attitude should be practised with diplomacy and tact. In reality, most people sooner or later agree about the skillful ways of handling situations by a number one person and its is but natural for the Sun ruled people to assume a commanding position.

A number 1 individual likes being loved and hates being ignored. But they often forget that key to receive love is to first give love unconditionally.

Sun ruled people are born with a sense of dignity and a love for fine things in life.

One is an entity with very strong vibrations. Anyone born with it is destined to succeed or at least make an impact. There is nothing subtle about it.
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