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Origin of Nadi Shastra
OriginPrecise date of origin of Nadi Shastra is not known. But sages and yogis of about 2000 years ago are the authentic writers of the Nadi leaves. They wrote the destiny of each and every human being to be born on this earth. They even did the prediction of the time when the individual will read his leaf. It is believed that the records were originally written on animal skin and later were transferred to palm leaves. The palm leaves are preserved by applying oil extracted from Peacocks` blood on auspicious muhurtas.

Under the "Chola" ruler ship, these records were translated in Tamil language. Maratha and Chola rulers were the great patrons of this art who endeavored to preserve these sacred records. Their major record collection was kept in Saraswati Mahal library in Tanjore.

After the British invasion, the palm leaves were sold to various keen buyers. The Valluvar community of south India, who were the ardent followers of astrology, bought maximum leaves. Astrology families of vaitheeswarankoil, near Chennai bought them as well. This is where the main hub of Nadi shastra resides till date.
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