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Power of Rudraksha
Rudraksha FruitRudraksha is the fruit of "Elaeocarpus Ganitrus" tree found mainly in South Asia, India and Nepal. This unique bead has got many splendid properties influential enough to control human behaviour and destiny. The secret lies in the wonderful electro magnetic properties the bead invokes, when in interaction with Human aura.

Human aura is the seven-coloured subtle rainbow that surrounds our body. Its colors, textures & patterns reveal much information about emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, karmic, environmental & relational states. Rudraksha, while integrating with this aura, initiates the development of small electrical pulses. Due to this change in the bioelectrical self of ours, a biochemical change is also induced in the body.

Entire nervous system and organ system of human body is governed by electromagnetic signals passing through the body. Rudraksha has various electrical properties that can regulate these electrical impulses. A particular Mukhi rudraksha acts with distinct properties of resistance, capacitance or dielectric.

Human body is surrounded by complex bioelectrical circuit. Heartbeat, blood circulation, thought process, and even sense of touch, noise and smell is the integral result of it. There are several neurotransmitters working under flow of electrical signals regulating our functioning. When a rudraksha is in touch with this system, it activates, regulates or stabilizes it by its various electromagnetic properties.

Rudraksha beadA Rudraksha Bead is a sound electrical resistor, hence it can streamline and create signal that works for more positive advantage to us.

Using its dielectric property, rudraksha regulates excessive bioelectric energy, and reduces the ill effects of it. The advantages includes controlling hyperactivity, palpitations etc.

Acting as a capacitor, it stabilizes our system. The rudraksha also sends out inductive vibrations, thus creating certain positive impulses of its own.

Rudraksha is the miraculous bead that can change its polarity. It acts in the same way as magnetic therapy works in human body. It acquires the magnetic polarity opposite to that of inductive polarity of the cells. This changes the magnetic strength of cells and helps in controlling better flow of blood in vessels. This in itself removes half of possible pains and discomforts. Rudraksha are also known to possess anti ageing properties.

Rudraksha`s effect is always positive. Hence negative effects are out of the question. It is the best medium to enhance our overall wellbeing.
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