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Reading in Nadi Shastra
Procedure of ReadingTo begin with, a Nadi seeker`s thumbprint is taken in order to select the appropriate possibilities of leaves stack. According to Nadi shastra, thumbprints are categorized in 108 Varieties. After a rudimentary classification, search of the right leaf begins. The search is usually time taking, and may range from few minutes (the lucky ones!), to few hours (generally!), to few days and even years.

In step two, certain questions are asked related to our present situations in life. The questions may range from asking about the siblings, to the personal mishaps that occurred in the past. Accordingly stacks are discarded or considered for further investigation.

Finally a leaf is reached (if you are not too unfortunate!), where all your answers are predicted correctly. The journey of insight begins now. The leaf is further read out to give details of one`s parents, and even spouse`s name. This forms the general reading, where your past and future is read broadly, your karmic pattern is described, and even methods to remove the bad influences are explained by the Nadi reader.

Nadi readings are classified as `kandams` or chapters. A reader then can go in further details of your life based on the twelve houses of your horoscope. It will read the twelve chapters with specific attributes of your life.

Chapter 1:

This chapter will give knowledge about the seeker, his name, his identity, his destiny and life pattern in general. It will also tell about the subject`s siblings, details about his / her profession, and details about the parents such as their names and work. In short the comprehensive information about entire life is read out.

Chapter- 2

This chapter provides details about communication skills of the Nadi seeker along with his eyesight. It depicts the wealth aspects in his life, along with possibilities in education. It also reveals the particulars about seeker`s family.

Chapter- 3

This chapter tells all that is to be told about one`s brothers or sisters. The number of siblings, along with their name and the nature of relationship with them is conveyed with accuracy.

Chapter- 4

This chapter defines our mother, and our relationship with her. It also defines about our assets, inheritance, domestic comforts etc.

Chapter- 5

This chapter informs about the past, present and future of Nadi seeker`s children. It brings forth the possibilities of having children, their birth, their lifespan and life in general.

Chapter - 6

This conto explains about the possible obstacles in the life of the Nadi seeker. The obstacles can be in form of debts, diseases, and litigations. The Nadi explains about the details relevant to the subject and provides with a forewarning.

Chapter- 7

This chapter offer factual details about the Nadi seeker`s marriage (like the date and time of marriage, along with spouse`s name). If the person is about to get married, than the Nadi leaf tells about the auspicious time to conduct the ceremony. If required, it also explains the remedies for removing any obstacle in getting married.
Chapter - 8

This chapter divulges the details about the seeker`s lifespan, court battles, and possibilities of any accidents.

Chapter - 9

This chapter explains about the subject`s father, ancestral property, wealth, and spiritual inclinations.

Chapter - 10

In this chapter, details about the professional life of the Nadi seeker is explained out, along with the profession that are liable to suit him or give them benefits. It also talks about the possible losses in business.

Chapter- 11

This chapter discloses specifics about the income, accumulated wealth and monetary gains of the seeker. It also relates to one`s honor and success in society. The chapter also indicates about love affair or prospects of second marriage, if any.

Chapter - 12

This chapter signifies our expenses and next birth. Monetary gains and losses are explained in details.

Apart from the usual 12 houses that are explained in the horoscope, there are additional chapters that give much deep insight for overall karmic patterns, and benefit of the Nadi seeker.

Chapter - 13

This particular chapter deals with past birth. It gives explanatory details about relating the difficulties in this life with that of the karmas of the past life. Not only that, it tells us the way to lessen the karmic burdens and elevate our karmic pattern in this life itself.

Chapter- 14

This chapter suggests the way to obtain the talisman from the suitable deity, in order to remove the effects of all the evil spirits and hurdles in general. This chapter tells you to enhance the good influences in your life and diminish the bad ones.

Chapter- 15

Chapter 15 deals with the cures related to the chronic illness that the seeker might have to go through. It suggests about the prevention, type of medicine to be taken and how to be taken in details.

Chapter- 16

This chapter tells about the Dasa and bhakti period in the native`s life, with appropriate details of favourable and unfavourable times.

There can be another chapter on prasna, in which any question asked could be answered.

According to Nadi astrology, knowing your destiny is not enough. One has to take some actions in order to burn negative old karmas and make way for the fulfillment of the destiny of our desires. Nadi shastra provides detailed remedies for the same. These remedies include certain rituals to be performed in the temples.
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