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Seven in Numerology
SevenThe planet `Ketu` rules number Seven. Ketu conveys energy of thoughts and philosophy.

The number seven enhances the sun sign traits of Pisces.

"Seven" number is not so powerful in signs of Virgo, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra and Leo.

With the signs of Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus and Aquarius, number seven gels its inherent qualities with that of the sun sign`s.

Ketu is the planet of spiritual enlightenment. Hence, a number seven person is endowed with a quest to know his/her deeper self. The artists born in this number manifest their dreams and philosophy in poetry and drama with insight. Research and observation are the passive passions inbred in them. Naturally, such insight and knowledge result in intuitive faculties.

Along with their own intuitive self, they have natural affinity towards esoteric mysteries, occult and astrology.

Due to their insightful and original idea, they often tend to earn lot of money, or least a security, which brings the much needed feeling of self-assurance in them.

The aura about them is highly soothing and pleasant. People confess their deep thoughts and emotions to the number seven person.

They make brilliant artists, writers, poets, dancers, musician etc. The artistic streak is always present in them.

Number Seven people love nature, peace and harmony. Close proximity of any water body provides with a very soothing effect on them.

Inspite of being surrounded by people all around, seven number people are basically loners. They cherish and at times relish their privacy.

Their artistic and intuitive self is the rich treasure of Pandora`s box, which reveals amazing gems when entrusted to the worthy people.
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