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Signs in a hand
Certain signs in a hand represents common traits wherever they are present.

The Grille (a criss-cross webbed structure) signifies retardation or obstacles wherever it is placed. The mount where it is placed suffers a setback due to its presence.

Symbol of IslandIslands in a line (Figure) or chained line depicts flawed or weak line, or troubles in that particular area or time period.

A chained brain line is most undesirable. An island depicts the troublesome time during a specific period of life.

Symbol of TriangleA triangle generally gives auspicious results wherever it is present.

A square provides protection from any trouble in the related field where it is placed. For example, a square in fate line protects the individual from any disaster during that time.

Symbol of SquareA star denotes a spectacular achievement except when it is placed in a fate line. In such a case, the star will depict an accident or defamation.

A star at the mount of Jupiter shows magnificent gain in position of public fields. It also shows high potential in the field of politics.

Symbol of StarA star in mount of moon shows a stunning achievement through creative and imaginative faculties.

Hindu Signs in Palmistry

Along with the universal signs, symbols of special significance to Hindus are also considered in Jyotish shastra.

Hindu Signs in PalmistryFor example, Conch (shankh) and Trident (Trishul) signifies extreme wealth and fame. A lotus (Padma) or a canopy gives the same effects and are usually seen in hands of great people.

Shell or Whorl, also known as Shankha are found on the tips of the fingers. One shell indicates a king, two wealth, three spiritual powers, four poverty, five wealth, six spirituality, seven poverty, eight wealth, nine spirituality, and ten poverty.

Symbols of Serpent or Sword denote troubles and enemies.

Scales denotes Wealth and prosperity.

Ring of Saturn encircles the base of the Saturn finger and denotes Magic and occult powers.
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