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Six in Numerology
SixThe planet `Venus` rules number Six.

Venus is the planet governing love, harmony, luxuries, arts and beauty. Hence inclinations towards all these factors are present in the people or entities related to this number.

Six enhances the inherent characteristics of Libra and Taurus.

The number is in strong opposition with the Sun sign of Scorpio.

With all the other sun signs, either it is in harmony or in contrast, gives varied and unexpected results.

Romance and artistic interests rule the person with this number. People belonging to this number can be quite generous, and at times extravagant.

They are magnetically attractive and love good music, good food and beautiful dιcor in their lives. Even the disposition of these people seem to be gentle and sweet. That is until the stubborn and argumentative streak surfaces occasionally.

They feel incomplete without the presence of romance in their life. They tend to attach much importance to marriage and relationships.

Many of them have natural flair for artistic and dramatic inclinations in their life. Movies and entertainment not only fascinate them, but also bring out the best in them.

Money and luxuries come naturally to them. Although they can be extravagant or stingy, they are generally not quite balanced about the money part.

They practice their charm with winning delightful smiles, love people`s attention and are usually amazing hosts. At times they can be pretty stubborn about their opinions. But nobody seems to mind as long as their pleasant heart is in place, garnished with soothing smiles.
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