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The Emperor Card in Tarot
The Emperor CardThe Emperor card rules over the conscious elements set into the material world. He also depicts father figure, authority, ego, common sense, discipline, command, leadership, rules and regulations. The Emperor is an older, wiser version of the Magician; his knowledge in handling affairs in a systematic way has given him the seat on the throne. He is holding the world in his left hand and a T square in his right. The world is represented in numerology by the number 4, which denotes creation of things. The T square is used in building and design, for mathematics and planning.

This card represents the fashion in which things are done, a system to bringing things forth and manifest them. Starting with one, two, three, then finally four, which is the building number, putting all things together.

The card in a reading showcases the inherent desire to control and dominate. This should be curbed as too much of a control may lead to destruction in relationships. It can also show some rigidity , ego, or some vice to be overcome.
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