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Thumb in Palmistry
The ThumbThumb is the `Signature` of our being.

A mere look at one`s thumb can assess volumes about that person. A person with no or weak intellect or character will have a very ill formed thumb. A person with ordinary being will have a non-effective thumb shape.

Ideally, a thumb should never be placed too high, or too close to the fingers. More the distance is there with the index finger`s base, more developed the individual is.

Unlike the three phalanges that every finger has, a thumb is divided in two phalanges. Ideally, the length of both the phalanges should be equal.

The first phalange denotes `will power` or determination factor in a person.
If the first phalange is well developed, it shows a brilliant ability for that person to carry out his tasks. In an overdeveloped first phalange, or extra long section as compared to the lower phalange, it denotes that the person is highly stubborn and inflexible.

The shape of the first phalange is also important. An extra fleshy first phalange is an indicator of the person who is crass and blunt. The thin first phalange indicates weakness.

The width of the first phalange indicates aggressiveness. An overtly wide top shows that the person is too aggressive, and vice versa.

The supple thumb, which bends itself in the arc, is the indicator of a person who is flexible and has no qualms about changing his ideals and opinions.

A stiff thumb shows the person who holds on to his attitude. In short, the person is of a very definite character.

It`s a very interesting observation that the thumb with clubbed look (more flesh at the top of top phalange) yields to possibilities of violent temperament. Either the person knows it intuitively and is too controlled in his behaviour, or he ends up in jail (in rare few cases).

Thumb ReadingSecond phalange

This phalange gives more information about the nature or temperament of the individual. Here the logic is the guiding force behind every action. If will is necessary to carry out the tasks, logic is utilized to think and plan the actions. An ideal thumb will have both the phalanges in equal length. A shorter top phalange will show the lack of drive to carry the task, while a shorter second phalange will show lack of proper reasoning behind every action.

There may be some reference to the Third phalange in a thumb. That`s essentially the mount of Venus.

Spacing of thumb with our fingers also divulges a great deal of information. A narrow spacing, or thumb placed making a less angle with fingers shows a person who likes to follow things up.

They like to think over the details and consider taking each and every step cautiously. They don`t like to take much risk in life, and hence leadership capabilities are considerably low in them.

A thumb with a naturally wide spacing shows a person with leadership capabilities and a natural ability to get things done. They have loads of optimism and confidence to set an example of themselves.

The thumb with a middle angle with the index Finger (mild spacing) shows capacity for both the qualities.
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