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Twelve Zodiacs in Horoscope
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The zodiac belt is the band of stars that surrounds the earth like a ring. There are 12 main constellations that form this great ring around us. The stars that we see in the night sky are mostly very, very far away. Amongst the millions of stars in the sky, the 7 planets and two invisible planets (in Vedic Astrology) are in constant motion. Besides these few, very few, moving planets all the other stars are fixed out in space.

Each Zodiac is named after patterns, or configuration of animals and features that can be visualised by looking at them in the starry nights. The figures got linked with the symbolic trait endowed by that zodiac to the earth`s inhabitants.

Astrology is guided entirely by zodiac signs.

Twelve Zodiacs in Horoscope are categorized by the very element that represents them namely Water, Earth, Fire and Air.

Their compatibility can also be judged on the basis of the relationship of these elements.

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Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces


Signs can be classified on the basis of the elements they signify. Out of 12 signs, 3 signs each showcase the characteristics of a single element.

  • Fire signs:

    Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The expression `Fiery in nature` applies perfectly to these signs. Resembling their symbolic element, the people born under these signs posses a fiery drive and liveliness in their behavior. Sometimes the fire is hidden deep inside. But its never missing. Many a times than not, fire element is very apparent in the very temperaments ruled by these zodiacs.

    The constant urge to accomplish things is very evident in those lustrous sign holders. Fire also gives a great deal of pride and warmth to the people. The people under element of fire are highly independent.

    Fire is considered very pure in Hindu texts. It can also be destructive. Similarly, every passionate action taken by the people born under these signs can break and make their karma with ease.

  • Water Signs:

    Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Water is a good absorbent of all the vibrations in the environ. Water goes deep, and at times remains very silent. All theses qualities can be seen in the emotional beings born under these signs. Their own emotions run deep, and they have absolutely no problem in sensing and soaking other`s emotions as well. The signs ruled by water are very intuitive. Water can take the shape of the vessel in which it`s held. This shows the adaptability of the element and people born in it.

    These zodiac borns have to take care that they don`t hold on to their emotions for too long, as water standing can become stagnated. They have to let the emotions flow gently like a moving water. The depth of these signs are as powerful as the basic force of water, which can drop by drop makes the huge rocks split in grains, or can turn deserts in fertile gardens.

  • Air signs:

    Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

    Air is the element of intellect. Air moves with quickness taking along with it everything that comes in the way. Same is true for these signs. People born in these zodiacs have a fast and at times multidirectional quick thinking. They take in every information with the swift movement of their own.

    These sign also give good power of speech and communication capabilities. The movement of air is uncontrollable and changeable. So is the basic thought process of these people.

    Air hates confinement and needs the freedom to move. Same is true for the people influenced by the element.

    People in these signs need to give a direction and shape to their movements and life.
  • Earth signs:

    Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

    Earth is solid and unmovable. Once formed across the period of time, it takes the definite shape, and refuses to let it go. Same is true for the characteristics of these signs. People born under it seem grounded and down to earth. They don`t like to budge from their opinions and basic character. Their slow, conventional approach to life is the anchoring force for many. They form a good foundation and support system for all the things to accomplish. Deep inside them are the hidden mines of minerals and gems.

    The people born under it need to be in harmony with all the elements around them, as well as with themselves, to save the world from rare but possible disruptions.

  • Astrology and Compatibility of Elements

    Interestingly, The mutual compatibly of the people born under a particular sign depends upon the compatibility of the elements governing them. (Although effects of ascendant and moon sign can actually give varied, sometimes-reverse effects. Hence horoscope should be kept in mind for detailed study.)

    All the signs are compatible with the other signs born under the same element.

  • Fire signs and water signs are not so compatible. Too much of fire can evaporate the water, and too much of water can actually dampen out the fire. Similarly, emotional nature of water sign can be too demanding for the fiercely independent sign of fire. And the enthusiasm of leading a life of desires can actually neglect the deep seeded need of emotional security.

  • Water signs gel well with Earth signs, as earth has the tendency to soak and hold water within itself. Similarly, water nourishes the earth to give birth to new life forms. Thus, theses two signs are compatible, as emotional needs of water signs go well with firm and warm security of earth. The reverse is true for the other sign.

  • Earth signs do not gel well with air signs. Huge blocks of mountains can obstruct the free movement of Air. Similarly, Air can carry loads of soil with its sheer fury. Same is true for the people under the influence of these elements. Rigid thinking and slow movements of the earth signs can be quite confining to the freedom loving airy people. And earth cannot adapt to the quick and changeable thoughts and actions of air.

  • Air and Fire signs are mutually compatible. Air provides vigour to a fire, and a basic life to sustain. And fire provides movement to air. Both facilitate each other`s existence with beautiful easygoing nature.

  • Fire is neutral to earth, as both elements have no effect on each other. Thus a basic emotional detachment exists when these two signs are operating together. They are neither too compatible, nor incompatible. In such cases, the level of compatibility is dependent on individual`s nature.

  • Water and air signs are again neutral to each other. The effects, when theses two come together are not specific or predictable. But still they can have profound effect on each other. Winds can cause huge waves and disturbance on the outer surface of water bodies, without getting involved deep down. Similarly, water droplets in air cause them to be heavy, confining some of its movements.

  • Zodiac`s can also be classified on the basis of their action pattern as Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

    Action pattern

    The signs can also be categorized according to the manner it behaves or acts in situations, and the kind of energy that governs them. There are three such categories:

  • Cardinal:

    Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

    These are highly action-oriented signs with changeability and forthrightness in their actions to accomplish things. People born in these signs are usually the leader or the charge takers. They are the MDs and scout leaders, and usually lead the teams or group of people to a specific goal.

  • Fixed:

    Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

    Fixed signs are the ones, which remain glued to their habits and thinking. They resist changes. They can be quite determined in getting what they want once they make up their mind. And they can go through enormous patience and odds on the way. Stubbornness is another characteristics associated with theses signs.

  • Mutable:

    Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

    Mutable signs don`t have any fixed pattern of doing things. They explore each and every facet of affairs, and can adapt to any situations. They explore different sides and directions. Sometimes that is how they get things done brilliantly. Or else, it gives way to scattered energy. They can be good organizers and followers.
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