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Three in Numerology
ThreeThree corresponds to the grand planet - "Jupiter".

Optimism and dynamism is the forte of this number. The number also imparts artistic and creative disposition to the person under its influence.

Three is strongly effective in the Sun sign of Sagittarius.
It balances the sun sign of Gemini.

With the other fire signs (Aries, Leo) and Air signs (Libra and Aquarius), the qualities are well in harmony.

Number three is not in harmony with Earth signs (Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo) and water signs (Scorpio, cancer and Pisces). Hence it gives varied and unexpected results when placed in these Sun signs.

`Three` number is all about ideals and ideas. Everything they do will be driven with these two higher goals. The visionary qualities of people endowed with this number drives their independent thinking and actions.

Highly optimistic, `3` people need constant stimulation and change in ideas and scenery. They like to travel and explore new avenues. Number three is quite strong an influence in missionaries, nuns, priests, social workers and even fanatics. Even if a three person is a quite ordinary businessman, he will definitely have some idea, goal or vision for his business. Three people are straightforward (sometimes too blunt) and are fond of people in general.

These Jupiter ruled people also need constant physical stimulation. Physical activities and sports do good to them.

They are fiercely independent, loving and loyal. With unwavering love towards mankind, these people hates injustice and protect the underprivileged (often the abandoned pets in the streets).

This number should be guarded against getting too idealistic and delving only in dreams. Every vision should be backed up by a practical purpose, only then `Three` will gets its due credit for bringing a lot of knowledge, light and progress in this world.
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