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Touch of a Hand in Palmistry
Touch of a HandThe feel of a hand can actually reveal the basic nature and instincts of that person.

How about a coarse hand with rough and tough skin, and few but deeply etched lines??
Well! These people have amazing vitality and health with a very earthy attitude.
These hands are action oriented that may lack sensitivity.

A fine textured skin with fine lines shows the person to be very sensitive.
More fineness in the texture, more sophisticated or sensitive the person is.

Have you noticed a person with extremely hard, inflexible hands??
These people are fixed and adamant in their views and beliefs. They refuse to consider things otherwise. They are set in their life with great deal of stamina and capacity for hard work.

Elastic palms which bounds back belong to people with full vitality and enthusiasm.

Reasonably elastic, but soft palms belong to people, who are gentle, relaxed, sensitive yet can pursue a work with full devotion when they set their target.

Fudgy soft hands depicts laziness and inaction. It is the hand of sensual dreamer. It can also characterise the person with no strong character.
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