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Two in Numerology
TwoNumber Two corresponds to the vibrations of Moon.

Moon governs our psyche, emotional and mental self. A number two person is sensitive, and a seeker for family life. They look for emotional harmony and companionship in their lives. Even the most gregarious outgoing person with this number will prefer privacy and a relaxed time and space of his own. People with "dominant" effect of this number may turn shy and often reclusive.

Number two shows its profound effect in the sun sign of Cancer.
Two balances the characteristics of Capricorn.
Sun signs of Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo and Taurus gel well with characteristics of Two.
Aries, Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Leo gives varied and unexpected effects of this number.

Just like the changing shapes and effects of moon, the person`s moods and energy is also changeable. The number two person who was so jolly and caring one second may turn around to be cold and gloomy the next. They are intuitive and contemplative. Inclination towards romance and arts is but natural under this number`s dominance.

Although Number 2 people are highly intuitive and sympathetic for other`s feelings, they usually keep their own emotions to themselves.

Love for good food and wine make them a gourmet, and more often excellent cooks. They are also endowed with a good sense of humour, even if its occasional.

Number 2 people are very adaptable and flexible. Until and unless they are not endowed with fiery signs, they will choose to not to be aggressive in their stands. They prefer harmony, comfort and security in their life. They are extremely responsible people. Devoted to their family by heart, they cherish the worth of financial security.

This `moon` number is truly the number of maternal instincts, nurturing and nourishing.
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