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Rudraksha Varieties
Eka Mukhi Dvi Mukhi Tri Mukhi
Chatur Mukhi Pancha Mukhi Shhat Mukhi
Sapta Mukhi Ashta Mukhi Nava Mukhi
Dash Mukhi Ekaadasha Mukhi Dvaadasha Mukhi
Trayodasha Mukhi Chaturdasha Mukhi Fifteen Mukhi
Sixteen Mukhi Seventeen Mukhi Eighteen Mukhi
Nineteen Mukhi Twenty Mukhi Twenty-One Mukhi
Trijuti Rudraksha Ganesha Rudraksha Nag Rudraksha
Gaurishankar Rudraksha.. Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha..
Varieties of RudrakshaThe classification of Rudraksha is defined by the number of clefts (the vertical lines) on its surface. These clefts are also known as "Mukhis."
A particular Mukhi rudraksha corresponds to the effects of a certain planet. If a particular planet is weak in the horoscope, the Rudraksha stimulates its qualities. On a planet being too strong or malefic in the chart, the rudraksha channelises its influence in a positive energy. A thorough checkup of the horoscope must be done to select the appropriate rudraksha. Since none of the rudraksha gives a harmful effect, hence there is no possibility of risk taking.
Still, general categorization of its properties and the attributes to which different Mukhi rudraksha relates to are described over here.
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