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Uses of Numbers in Numerology
Power of numbers influence our entire life. Many significant inferences are made out from the birth date we are born on, numerological value of our name, the number of the house we reside in, numbers of the people we relate to, the important years in our life etc…etc…

People who are born in the single, or core numbered date such as 1 to 9 of any months, are distinctly imprinted with that number`s traits

There are compound numbers from 10 to 31st of every date. 10 will correspond to number 1, (1 + 0). 23 will have the basic number 5, (2 + 3) etc.

These compound numbers not only relate to the basic single numbers, but also to the karmic consequences hidden in them. Each compound number will give different effects on life patterns of the person.

For example, a person with number 19 or 21`s influence will automatically have a relatively rewarding life (what many people call as `lucky`).

On the contrary, a person born on dates 8 or 29 might have to face more challenges in life than average (what is called as karmic debt).

Yes! Numbers to a larger extent govern our destiny!

One might also say that the pre decided destiny we have to follow in life manifests in form of the birth date we are born in. Numbers follow the rules of Karma.

Still many effects of numbers are in our control. Most common trend to bring greater reward in our life is to change the spelling of our name to get favourable vibrations.
Number`s influence administers even the professional life of the person.

For example, 5 is the number related with communication. Number 14 and 23 are the karmic reward number related with it. Many people born in these numbers are naturally gifted with flairs in writing and oratory skills.

Any media related project would receive better vibes when related to these numbers. As a result, spellings of Titles of serials and movies are checked and adjusted to suit the vibes of these numbers to give added effect.

Also, spellings of people`s names are usually changed to suitably bring them more favour in their respective fields.

No wonder, more and more people are opting for the change in their name`s spelling. The numerologist should do a thorough checking of the horoscope to understand the already present karmic influences in the native`s life, and then he should suggest the correct numbers to generate the appropriate influence in their life for overall success.

There are number of branches related to the science of numerology that are developed across the centuries. More popular of them are Kabala, Chinese, Chaldean and Vedic numerology. All follow different patterns and believes. Today`s numerologists follow the combined influence of these branches to gain more accuracy and detailed coverage for each and every aspect of human life.

All these sciences are a gift for mankind so that not only one can unlock the mystery of his/her life and destiny through the use of this knowledge, but can also alter its effects by testing and imbibing its potential.

Like any other astrological branches, numerology is the science for analysis, prediction and application. Most of the public uses it for the `fun games and jokes`, or simply discard it as "gimmicks of the superstitious". The reason being the wrongly written or interpreted books by misleading authors. The truth is that like any other stream of knowledge running since the ancient times, numerology should also be revered and cherished for the enrichment of mankind.
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