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Aquarius Astrology
Aquarius AstrologyAquarius is the eleventh Zodiac in the belt. It is known as "Kumbha" in Hindi. Sun transits through this zodiac from January 20th to February 18th . According to Vedic astrology, this zodiac is also ruled by the planet Saturn. The Nakshatras of Dhanishtha, Shatabhishak and Purva Bhadrapada lie beneath this sign.

The zodiac of Aquarius is truly contradictory and complicated. This deceptive zodiac provides people with dream and innovations, yet the paradoxical ability to analyse and grasp reality in full depth. Another inconsistency being that an Aquarian is the man of the masses, and still he is essentially a loner. Aquarius is an air sign, which deals in ideas, abstracts, observation, cheerful disposition and innovation. It is also the zodiac ruled by stern and gloomy Saturn. Hence, twist and turns of the path given by this zodiac are varied and sometimes, extremely erratic.

An Aquarian is all about people, crowd and friendships. His love for humanity knows no discretion. An Aquarian can be as warm to a street sweeper, and as cutting to a king. He can be funny, basking in new discoveries and adventures most of the times. And yet, there are the phases where his originality and unique thinking compels him to go inward and share a few things just with himself, Especially when there is no one around to understand his breakthrough ideas or sensitivity. Barring a few rare Aquarians who seem timid and emotional, this sign is all about exploring life with fearlessness.

People born in this sign are highly independent individuals. Once they form an opinion, they wont change it even for a million bucks. Speaking of bucks, the sign is far from being materialistic. It is highly intellectual sign, where ideals and ideas form the soul. Money is often the accidental part of the work.

Aquarius AstrologyAlthough an Aquarian is very open and receptive to other`s ideas and opinions, once they have formed an opinion of their own they are quite stubborn to consider things otherwise. Research and new avenues excite him. For them, a stranger is also a good potential experimental subject for psychological analysis. They are often very good analyst and reach the corners where no one has even trodden. No wonder everyone confides their smallest troubles and deepest desires to them, knowing that an Aquarian will never judge and will always understand. But an Aquarian can rarely put that kind of trust in someone. As a result, often he is forced to take a break from this world to go in sudden spells of loneliness. Then they come out again, replenished again to take in the world and its people.

The sign provides the one born in it with almost intuitive grasp of feelings and ideas. Many of Aquarians can foretell the future or what`s going on in the depth of our mind with uncanny capability. It`s almost telepathic. Maybe it`s the reason that they often follow their instincts rather than cold logic and practicality. Many geniuses are Aquarius born. At the same time this sign also inflicts the zodiac born with inherent anxiety and mental breakdowns.

This is a gentle sign, which creates its own set of ideals irrespective of dogmas of the society. People in this sign are at times eccentric, impractical, yet no fools. Otherwise how will we be thankful for so many inventions, and liberated thinking gifted by this sign?

Aquarius is truly the zodiac that belongs to mankind!!


Aquarius rules lower limbs and ankles. People from this zodiac might suffer in these organs as swollen legs and pain in the ankles. They are also vulnerable to nervous disorders and breakdowns.


Aquarian`s curious and unique thinking makes them good researchers, scholars, astrologers, scientist and technicians. Many of them are also good artist, composers, writers and psychotherapists. They can be pretty determined in whatever field they choose, and sooner or later achieve one form of distinction or other.

Aquarius AstrologyRomance

For every Aquarian, romance is a great interest to follow till the time curiosity persists. All the while, the lover is the most important person on earth. They will use each and every romantic gestures in the book, with all the flattering curiosity about you, your pains and desires. But the minute, romance start yielding to confinement, an Aquarian love suddenly turns cold and disinterested. Still, no matter what the Outcome of this hurricane romantic affair remains; they will still be your friends. One is usually shocked to find that an Aquarian can actually be a friend with many of his ex`s. They just cannot commit to the marriage very easily. Sometimes they confuse love and friendship to make things go in a complicated fashion for years. For Aquarians, sexuality is the aspect that comes only after mental bonding.

It is very important to respect Aquarian`s individuality in a relationship, to bear his stubbornness and eccentricity and let him go to his phase of loneliness whenever he desires. Only such freedom in love can coax an Aquarian to enter in a long-term relationship. On the positive side, you will always have a trustworthy, dependable person to lean on. Not to mention the unexpected surprises, and romantic gestures coming in every now and then. Even a romantic affair with Aquarius requires believing in dreams and living in reality. And to blend the two in a beautiful union called love.

Aquarians and Leos tend to have good balancing relationship. Aquarians have inclinations for whirling romance with an Arian or Gemini. They go well with Pisces, Libran and Cancer. With other signs, other factors in the compatibility matters.
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