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Ardra (The moist One) Nakshatra
Ardra (The moist One)Deity: Rudra.
Yoni: Dog
Gana: Manushya

Ardra means Teardrop. This Nakshatra signifies destruction and sorrow, just like its deity Rudra. Rudra is the destructive form of Shiva. Destruction is necessary for regeneration, and fertility. Hence, the intention of this Nakshatra is always creativity.

Ardra born people are usually stubborn, control freaks, who easily dominate other. At times they even hurt the people in the process. Hence the myth is often repeated to suit Nakshatra with the characteristics.

But these people can also be gentle, sympathetic ones, commanding the people and situations around them quite effectively. They have stable, and strong personalities and are extremely effective in getting things done. They like to renovate discarded things.

People born in this Nakshatra can suitably direct their energies to professions such as firefighting and Law enforcement.
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