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Aries Astrology
Aries AstrologyKnown as Mesha in Indian astrology, Aries is the first sign of zodiacal year. Sun Transits through this zodiac from 21st March - 19th April. Anyone born on theses dates will have Aries as their Sun sign. Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika are the constellation belonging to this zodiac. Moon placed in these Nakshatra at birth will color the individual`s thinking process with same zodiacal traits.

The ruler of this zodiac is Mars. Aries is brightly colored with all the fiery qualities endorsed by this planet. The people born in this zodiac are bluntly self assertive, enthusiastic, energetic and always the leader in the crowd. The qualities of Arian are too forceful and energised to be subtle. People often mistaken their assertiveness as their overconfidence, and their enthusiasm as Rashness. True, to some extent. But this very straightforward gush of Arian energy accomplishes wonderful things.

Aries is the sign of intellect, and people born in this sign have much higher IQ than average. Their natural enthusiasm also makes them an initiator with fierce loyalty towards their ideologies and ideas. This is a very action oriented sign with all the fireworks surrounding every work undertaken by an Arian.

Even the physical features of this sign are too prominent to ignore. They have broad shoulders and solid body structure. Many of them walk with their shoulders thrown forward (hunched, not drooped) or leaned backward.

Aries AstrologyArians may seem to be a bit self centered and demanding like a child. But they are also the ones carrying the untarnished innocence and naivety of a child. They are naturally friendly and trusting towards others. Arians barely clutter their minds with complexities, grudges and bitter memories. Even ardent enemies become friends as soon as the explosive fights are over and the other side shows truce. Quick tempered and easily offended when ignored, Arians cool off their anger as quickly, and everything is rosy again. It seems unfair to them if you continue to hold grudge.

The negative traits of this sign can be manifested in form of extreme selfishness, cruelty and ego. Its hard for them to see their mistakes and are too egoistical to see other`s point of view. This usually creates a lot of problem for them in relationships, especially in married life.

But more often than not, they put complete faith in people as friends. They are extremely loyal and warm; and live their life with spirit of adventure and independence.

These people are highly idealistic and fight off to any extent to protect their believes. They are also very emotional and vulnerable, and get hurt easily, although they will be extremely egoistic to show their tears. They are also a bit sissy like a baby when it comes to physical injuries. But other than that this is a very strong and determined sign, which can actually materialize miracles with sheer force of optimism and confidence.


Aries AstrologyAries rules brain, cerebral hemispheres of brain, eyes and face. Mars give them ample of physical vitality and strength for a robust health. Yet when they fall ill it can be pretty serious, with high fevers and malfunctioning directly affecting brain.


Aries can be the most proficient Go-getter, and do well in stimulating and challenging situations. Their drive makes them apt in the field of military, law enforcement, firefighting, and medicine.


Being in love with Arian can be the most romantic affair in one`s life. Aries love with stardust in their eyes. They dream of a perfect mills and boons romance. And yet, their occasional thoughtlessness can cause many a heartbreaks. (The heartbreak will be more severe on Arian part, although they will rarely show it). If the partner enjoys Mars enthusiasm, shares the optimistic ideologies of the Aries, and understand his innocence veiled by aggressiveness, an Arian partner will prove to be a wonderful and romantic lover who will believe in magical romance.

Earth signs like Virgo, and Taurean can bring stability and support to the sign. Water signs of cancer and Pisces can identify with sentimental self of Aries. But fire signs of Leo, and Sagittarius; along with Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are most compatible. Aries have natural affinity towards its own signed people, and Librans.
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