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Ashwini (The horse Tamer) Nakshatra
Ashwini (The horse Tamer)
Deity: Ashwini Kumar (The horse headed twins who are famous for executing Medical miracles).
Yoni: Horse.
Gana: Deva.

This Nakshatra attributes Zeal, energy, magnetic personality, courage and inherent good qualities to the ones born in it. Subjects are generally very attractive and elegant. They are also quite keen about their looks. Ashwini borne are known for their love of speed. They move, think and act very fast. At times their love for speeding can cause them trouble instead of efficiency. They initiate and innovate new things and projects constantly. Others do appreciate the energy and stamina imparted by this constellation, as the qualities of horse is displayed wherever this Nakshatra makes its marks. Ashwini people enjoy good aspects in relationships, except for the fact that sometimes the stubbornness creates troubles with others.

The heroic and courageous nature of all the people born under this star comes in handy while choosing professions like armed forces, Law enforcement etc. Love for speeding also lends the interest in favour of sports, athletics, flying, riding, and business (quick thinking). Ashwini Nakshatra also provides the natives with Healing capabilities, and one can progress to great heights in medicine and alternate fields of medicine.

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