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Bharani (bearer new life) Nakshatra
Bharani (bearer_new_life)
Deity: Yama.
Yoni: Elephant
Gana: Manushya.

This Nakshatra endows creative and mental inclinations to the person born in it. The person is intelligent, witty and constantly dealing with ideologies of his own or others. A fanatic loyalty to one`s own thinking can create courageous people who fight for their believes. The same tendency can lead to cases where the Bharani borne feels restricted by other`s thinking, and becomes a bitter opposer.

This Nakshatra causes one to go through the ups and down in life and constantly create opportunities to renovate life. Whether a person uses the opportunity or not is entirely in his hand. One should look at this constellation as a challenge to change. Inspite of having Yama as their deity, people of this Nakshatra generally live quite long. Endowed by medium built, and fine teeth, the subjects do have love for fine things in life. They are connoisseur, and even artistically inclined as painters, and photographers.

The career of military, chemicals and medicine suit well to the people borne under Bharani.
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