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Cancer Astrology
Cancer AstrologyCancer is the fourth zodiac in which sun transits from June 22nd to July 22nd. It is identified as "Kark Rashi" in Hindi. The symbol of the zodiac is The Crab. Moon rules over it. Punarvasu, Pushya and Ahlesha are the Nakshatras under this zodiac.

Cancerians are ruled by Moon. And everyone knows about the changing facets of this satellite. Moon waxes and wanes; its distances from earth changes constantly, and it comes full round in 28 days. Very much on the same lines, Cancerains are gentle and sweet one day, critical and cranky the next; They are practical and sensible at all times, and yet they can take your breath away by the sudden romantic side of theirs. They can be hardcore about money and security, miser to the hilt, and yet can turn magnanimous suddenly. Often they are endowed with artistic capabilities you never knew about. Cancerians are as unpredictable. But it has nothing to do with Geminian type of unpredictability. They just have different dimensions, which come up under different circumstances.

Give them warmth and security, and you will have a loyal friend for life. They wont confess their devotion verbally, as they are the secret store box of all their emotions stacked hidden most of the times. What you may see in a Cancerian may not be what you get. Varied emotions govern them, and the treasure runs much deep than visible.

Most of the lot seems miser, conservative and practical on the onset. But that`s because Cancerians are highly self-defensive. For them, lavishing money is a crime when a sound bank balance can build homes, good investment, purchase some substantial needful things, and even can help a friend in need. See, that`s not misery! That is what they call quality spending.
They also seem to be self-centered to most of the world. But that`s because they are very sentimental though they never reveal their feelings as they don`t want to get hurt or invest their feelings in something unworthy.

Cancerians will not show it, but they are very emotional people constantly needing emotional security of love and warmth. For them their family means the most, and is the roots of all securities in life. For them, a sound financial standing means they will never have to loose the family, will never have to remain hungry…. In short, even money spells security.

They seem so much self obsessed within their own insecurities, that they often turn withdrawn and depressed in a shell. They can be at times intense brooders. But they are not selfish. In fact, they are highly intuitive about other`s pains and troubles than most. And they can come up with generous help at unexpected quarters when you really need it. Cancerians are also sound leaders, who never make rash, impulsive decisions. Their decisions are always well thought and diagnosed.

Cancer GlyphCancerains have good memory for the past, be it some past incidents of their own life, or history in general. That is the reason they take time to come out afresh of their habits and emotional patterns. They also have good sense of humor and are fun to be with.

They are thoughtful and compassionate. Cancerians love nature. Water bodies and full moon have special effects on their being.

Water runs deep and silent. They soak the vibrations of surrounding, and nourish the world. Doesn`t the two words, nourishing and nurturing sound familiar?? Well! They are the eternal adjectives for the water sign of Cancerian.


Cancer is one sign that can create an imaginary ailment, or aggravate an already existing one by their brooding habits. They also have the tendency to go in depression easily. At the same time, people of this sign are highly tenacious, and can actually create medical miracles if they set their mind to it.
Cancer rules stomach, pancreas, gastric organs, liver, and serum. They can run into problems on account of being heavy eaters, and lover of food and drinks. They also have tendency to put on weight, and weight related issues for the same reason.


Whatever Cancerians do, the acts never include aggression and gambling. They are good leaders, and can create stable, long-lasting careers for themselves in whichever field they go. Most of the successful businessmen are born under this sign. They can be good as chefs, managing restaurant business, nurses, historians and homemakers.


Cancer AstrologyCancerians value family, and are very keen on finding the right mate for themselves. A mate who can understand their emotional needs are usually the apt one to go with them. Behind their hard shell, they are the most romantic and vulnerable souls. Cancerains are the one to pamper his/ her lover by taking them for candlelight dinners, moonlit walks and theatres. They won`t be keen on sweeping a lover`s feet in out of the world romance, but will definitely bestow affection and understanding. Their relationship means a lot to them. The occasional period when a Cancerian retreats in a shell is a difficult time for their partners. But by giving a bit of patience understanding, warmth and faith, one can have the most compassionate Cancerian lover for life. And that speaks of a constant friend, a good husband, and a wonderful father.

Geminis don`t usually go with this sign. Libra and Aquarius can be gentle with this sign. Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn make good companions. Cancerians gel well with water signs of Pisces, Scorpio and fellow Cancerians. Fire signs are generally incompatible.
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