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Chitra (The bright one) Nakshatra
Chitra (The bright one)Deity: Vishwakarma (the supreme architect)
Yoni: Tiger
Gana: Rakshasa

Chitra born natives are one of the most fascinating people around. They always stand apart from the crowd. Extremely well groomed, with their big eyes and well-proportioned body, they exude a charming persona. Chitra people are extremely charming and intelligent conversationalist. They have artistic flairs, which they use in day-to-day life. Apart from wearing decorative costumes and jewellery, they are majorly in streams of arts like interior decoration and visual arts. They are brilliant organizers with eye for details. They also make good architects and jewellery designer.

People born in Chitra can have deep insight as psychic. They are also highly spiritual.
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