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Gemini Astrology
Gemini AstrologyThis is the zodiac through which Sun makes its way from May 21st to June 21st. Known as Mithuna in Sanskrit, the zodiac covers the constellations of Mrigashira, Ardra and Punarvasu. The ruler of this zodiac is Mercury.

People born in this zodiac are sharp, agile, intelligent, analytical and versatile. Gemini gives them multiple shades in their personalities, multiple interests to follow, and many capabilities to handle it all with lightening quick speed. Physical, mental and verbal dexterity of this sign is simply amazing.
They can handle many jobs at a time, and are usually fluent in more than one language. They can logically analyse a problem quickly, and then manipulate, or twist it with their silver smooth talking if it suits them. They are not necessarly liars. To them, twisting around a situation with a little colorful imagination to suit them is perfectly harmless. Gemini doesn`t think it necessary to be straightforward. They like to play around with words even while having the simplest of conversations. It`s quite another thing that this particular smooth talking can easily turn their knack into fraud and deception. Thank goodness for the inherent ethical system in them, most of them do not take this forbidden course.

Geminis are restlessness in nature, and anything can rarely keep them glued at one place for long. Be it a person, a subject or a hobby, a Gemini`s changeable, unpredictable nature makes others wonder about their sense of time and depth. This very characteristic can either develop them into versatile self or a complete scatterbrain. Mercury responsible for this restless energy constantly allures the person to seek new avenues, new pastures till they get something to stay with. It`s a game of mirage that Geminis play for lifetime. The Geminis who are evolved, mature and practical are able to accept this trait of themselves and channelise their energy and talent in something constructive. In such cases, Geminis top in whatever field they apply their talents to.

The zodiac of Gemini rules communication (no wonder about the "k" factor in films and Television, which happens to be the janmakshar of Mithuna rashi according to Vedic astrology. Also, Geminis like Ekta kapoor, and Karan johar rule their respective fields.) One can see even an average Gemini to be inseparable with his/ her phone. All of them are avid book readers, and most of them are book authors as well.

Gemini GlyphIronical enough, inspite of being great orators, communicators and conversationalist, Geminis do not display personal feelings or emotions. At times, onlookers feel them to posses a pretty cold temperament.

The constant need for search and stimulation leads a Gemini to various faces of life and his personality. And yet the search for that one place where they can rest goes on…and on…and on….


Gemini rules arms, shoulders, lungs, breath and capillaries. Thank Goodness to their nature, when in proper care they can easily avoid taking to long-term illness. Still, Geminis can suffer from asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia. They are also prone to nervous disorders and can subject themselves to frequent nervous breakdowns. They usually suffer from insomnia as well. Hence, they are advised to take plenty of rest.


Born under the zodiac that rules communication, all forms of media have maximum number of Geminis working in it. Mercury ruled people also become good writer, diplomats, lawyers, preachers and researchers. Many of them tend to change their jobs frequently, and at times take up more than one job.


Geminis are rumored to handle multiple affairs in their lifetime. Sometimes, having two consecutive affairs at the same time!!

Gemini AstrologyIn reality, Geminis can be surprisingly loyal and single minded when in love. They are also sensitive, and loose interest in their affair, if confined too much. But given a cordial company and harmonious relationship, Geminis love to stay back. They want security in relationship, and someone to come back to. A love affair with Gemini will have its own great deal of ups and down. But the affair will be anything but boring. Be it visiting art gallery or circus, be ready for the date anywhere. Also be ready for the heartbreaks if a Gemini out of his many moods gives you a cold shoulder, or forgets the date completely. But you would still want to go back to him because A Gemini will make you see joys of life you never experienced.

A Gemini can have hurricane romance with Aquarius and Libra. The compatibility with fiery signs of Leo and (especially) Sagittarius is no less stimulating. The relationship with an Arian will result in mental thoughts and ideas specially going out of bonds of imagination. A Gemini feels restrictive with earthy signs of Capricorn, Taurean and Virgo. Relationship with Scorpio is much difficult to pull up. Compatibility with Pisces and cancer may depend upon various factors.
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