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Hasta (The Hand) Nakshatra
Hasta (The Hand)Deity: Savitri
Yoni: Buffalo
Gana: Deva

As per the symbol assigned to this Nakshatra, Hasta people are skilled in everything related to hand. They are gifted craftsmen, healers, artists, palmists or even pickpockets. Hasta people are usually endowed with comic and clever wit. They are good entertainers and charmers. The people born in this Nakshatra usually suffer a lot of hardships in their earlier life. They usually turn their path to spirituality. Hasta people are very intelligent, and make genuine and good counselors to people.

Hasta people also have the tendency of not letting the things go. They hold on to their routines, their dogmas, and their loved ones. Once they come in touch with their self, their enlightenment is inevitable.
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