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Jupiter Planet in Horoscope
(Thinking person`s planet / planet of luck and fortune)

Devanam ca rishinam gurun kaρchana-sannibhham
buddhi-bhutam tri-lokesham tam namami brihaspatim

(I bow down to Jupiter, teacher of gods and sages, the greatest treasure,
and the most intelligent of all creation.
Om, I bow down to Jupiter.)

JupiterJupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is also the most influential factor when the general quality of one`s life is concerned.

Known as the planet of luck, Jupiter is responsible for all the success, fortune, intellect and religious aspects of our lives. Jupiter signifies high ambitions, knowledge and accomplishments. Consequently, it is a prominent planet in charts of successful priests, religious leaders, politicians, and people pursuing deep knowledge. Jupiter is the most massive planet comparable to the mass of all the planets put together. Its influence in expansion, growth and opportunity in one`s life is the most important deciding factor.

Position of Jupiter in one`s chart depicts one`s faith, confidence, and optimism in life. It also showcases his spiritual, philosophical and intellectual pursuits. Jupiter is the masculine planet handing over the abstract ideas, higher learning and ideologies.

Jupiter is at home with the zodiac of Sagittarius and Pisces. Its power at its peak when placed in the sign of cancer, and at its weakest when placed in the earthy sign of Capricorn. A well-placed Jupiter gives wealth, honesty, compassion and knowledge to the chart holder.

A not so well placed Jupiter indicates difficulties in life; vanity or inferiority complex; and a weak value system.

Biologically, Jupiter rules blood circulation, liver, thighs, and "Fat" in the body. An ill disposed Jupiter leads to digestive disorders, gallstone, low blood sugar, indigestion, jaundice, hemorrhoids, obesity, or malnutrition.

According to the Greek mythology, Jupiter is known as Zeus, who was the lord of the gods, and ruled Olympia.

 Symbol of JupiterOn the similar lines in Hindu mythology, Jupiter performed different penance for lord Shiva upto 10,000 years, as the result of which Shiva made him Guru of Gods. This brightest star in the solar system is also known as Guru/ Brahaspati in Sanskrit.

Jupiter`s favourite color: Yellow.
Jupiter`s favourite Day: Thursday.
Jupiter`s favourite Gemstone: Yellow sapphire / Pukhraj.
Jupiter`s favourite God/ Deity: lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Indra, Goddess Parvati.

Jupiter shares a friendly vibe with Sun, Moon and Mars.
It is quite neutral to Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, and is enemy with mercury and Venus.

Jupiter is the bestower of Success and intellect. The mankind owes its most virtuous qualities by the grace of this pious planet.

Jupiter In All Rashis

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion and fortune. Its position in our chart indicates much about our karmas and professional life. it indicates the growth we can have through our efforts and our deep seeded inclinations for our career.

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  • Jupiter in Aries

    Confinement and not being able to be your own boss is not a comfortable situation for people born under this combination. This influence gives sheer optimism, and a good health. People here are born leaders. Negatively, the person can be bossy and headstrong. Positively, the native is outgoing, well driven and successful in most of his endeavors. Spenthrifting is a trait that all people with this combo should be careful about.

  • Jupiter In Taurus

    Jupiter in Taurus gives inclination towards finance and related fields such as banking and stock. This is a harmonious combination under which people tend to gain quite well. The native also tends to have overeating problems and weight issues. Negatively, the person is greedy, obese and demanding. Positively, a person is generous, lover of fine things and well able to be a success.

  • Jupiter in Gemini

    This combination makes the subject very intelligent and expressive. Professions related to communication and intellect such as media, teaching, research etc suits people born with this blend. Positively, a person is intelligent, expansive, innovative and adaptable. Negatively, the person becomes a scatterbrain, ineffective and weak in character.

  • Jupiter in Cancer

    This is known as the luckiest combination. The person born with this amalgamation is never short of wealth, good nature and popularity. The native may be quite lucky in investment, real estate, inheritance, stock market or antique business. Imagination makes them highly creative. Positively, a person is generous, maternal and successful. Negatively, result is that of a miser, hoarder and selfish.

  • Jupiter in Leo

    This combination makes the person prone to make dramatic impact on people. Fields like theatre, public relations, creative worlds especially of fashion and entertainment are more likely to bring success to them. They are full of ostentations and lavishness. Negatively, they are always bragging, showing off and tend to be conceited. Positively, they are truly gifted and generous, with the capabilities to reach the top.

  • Jupiter in Virgo

    Jupiter in this sign inclines a person to perform in the fields that involve details or compassion. These people are smart, analytical, and persevering; with great deal of common sense. This calls for good planning and a capability of handling business brilliantly. Positively, the person is good with research work, or work requiring details and planning. They can actually build empires. Negatively, the person gets too engrossed in details to see the full broad picture.

  • Jupiter In Libra

    Jupiter in Libra bestows the person with physical beauty and magnetic charm. A person is also a gifted in arts and music. Good social charisma also paves their way to success with ease. Negatively, they turn unbalanced and fanatic. Positively, they are gifted artist, psychics and a brilliant analyst.

  • Jupiter in Scorpio

    Jupiter in Scorpio brings out all the magnetic points of the zodiac. The person does well in the field of medicine and surgery. Sexual attraction or liaisons are also important for the person. The fields requiring insight in the matter is also their forte. Negatively, one leans to overuse of ones sexuality to make gains, self-centeredness, hateful and demanding nature. Positively, a person is deep and sensitive. Overweight and difficulty in expression is also one of the drawbacks of this combination.

  • Jupiter In Sagittarius

    Jupiter, being the ruler of this sign is at home. The people are high-minded though lucky with money. Gifted with acquiring cash, they are equally inclined to be extravagant spenders. Positively, a person is generous, leader and straightforward. Negatively, a person may be dominating and conceited.

  • Jupiter in Capricorn

    Jupiter gives materialistic ambitions in this earthy sign. Good stamina and ability of hard work lands up the person with this kind of combination in achiever`s list. Business making, mining, construction, real estate are the professions that suit them most.

    Positively, the person is ambitious, hard working and the one who makes way for himself. Negatively, the person becomes down right ruthless and selfish.

  • Jupiter in Aquarius

    A Jupiter Aquarian is usually interested, and lucky, in areas where connecting with people matter. An ardent socialist, a Jupiter Aquarian is also very progressive in thinking and aptitude. Fields of Hi Tech and aviation lures them, constriction bores them. Positively, servicing public, generosity, good planning comes in their forte. Negatively, they are egocentric, schemer and immoral.

  • Jupiter in Pisces

    Piscean Jupiter brings out the proper channelization of feelings or emotions in whatever work they do. Highly compassionate, the people born with this influence work well as social workers, healers, psychotherapists etc. Positively placed, the person is endowed with true greatness and spiritual inclinations. Negatively, it lends a selfish streak; or in contrast, often a situation when people take advantage of their compassion.
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