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Ketu Planet in Horoscope
(The Demon`s tail)

Palasa-puspa-sankasam taraka-graha-mastakam
raudram raudratmakam ghoram tam ketum pranamamy aham

KetuKetu, like Rahu, is a shadow planet. It is not a physical or celestial entity, but the south node of the two nodes formed when earth`s trajectory around Sun intersects moon`s trajectory around earth. It is a malefic planet, and is always 180 degrees apart from that of Rahu. Ketu and Rahu both are retrograde in motion. Ketu also causes lunar eclipse when Moon, earth and sun aligns in the same longitude along with the node.

Ketu is somewhat similar to Mars in nature.

Ketu is known as "Moksha- Karaka" or the planet influencing spirituality. The person influenced by the planet is usually endowed with psychic powers, healing abilities, excellence in herb logy, tantric, and ghost related ailments. Ketu, to a major extent influences pharmaceutical industry, medicine and astrology.

Ketu, if favourable, brings a lot of luxury, wisdom and intuition to the person. If unfavourable, it causes weak eyesight, poor concentration, boundless worries and anxiety.

KetuAccording to Hindu mythology, Ketu is the rest of the body of Rahu, while Rahu is the head. When lord Vishnu extracted the juice of immortality from the ocean, and decided it to give it to the Gods, Rahu (a demon) in a disguised form took the juice and drank it. Rahu was seated between Sun and Moon, who revealed the truth about Rahu`s identity.

Lord Vishnu immediately beheaded Rahu. Since the nectar had reached Rahu`s neck, it survived the ordeal but the rest of the body was burnt. Later the body was revived and named Ketu. Ever since then, Rahu and Ketu are hell bent on taking revenge from Sun and Moon by causing Solar and Lunar eclipse.

Ketu doesn`t rule any zodiac, as it is not a real planet. But it identifies Pisces as its own house (inspite of the lordship of Jupiter - "The guru of Gods"). Ketu is exalted in Scorpio, and debilitated in Taurus. It is strong in Jupiter`s sign (Sagittarius and Pisces), and that of Mercury (Virgo and Gemini). Ketu goes along beautifully with Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Ketu is neutral to Jupiter, while Mars, Sun and Moon are its archenemies.

Ketu`s favourite colour: Smoke colored.
Ketu`s favourite day: Saturday.
Ketu`s favourite gemstone: Cat`s eye.
Ketu`s favourite Deity: Lord Bhairav.

KetuAs oppose to Rahu`s tendency to inflict the mind, Ketu inflicts the body. It can cause many types of ailments right from leprosy and cancer to paralysis. Poor blood circulation, Anemia, pains in joints and nerves are other attributes to this planet.

Under common misconception, Ketu is a dreaded planet, bringing with itself disease, sufferings, and dark worlds. But Ketu endows one with supreme form of spiritual enlightment, which in itself is the greatest boonl for human existence.

Ketu in all Rashis

Ketu talks about progeny and indicates areas where we can improve to get spiritual enlightenment and happiness in life.

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  • Ketu in Aries

    The karmic reward from this particular combination is harvested only when the person learns to work in harmony with other, putting the ferocity of his individuality aside. Selfishness should be forsaken to achieve fulfillment with others.

  • Ketu in Taurus

    This combination produces the karmic pattern of going deep in oneself, and transforming with inner resources. Spiritual insight and controlled passion is required to attain fulfillment in life.

  • Ketu in Gemini

    The person with this blend needs to seek spiritual and moral depth to avoid getting stuck in mushy web of words. Straightforwardness while approaching to oneself as well as others is required.

  • Ketu in Cancer

    This alliance calls for a highly individualistic approach in life. One should be inconsiderate of all obstacles to achieve spectacular success in career. Relationships and other`s opinion should be considered with detachment in thinking.

  • Ketu in Leo

    Each and every potential in the person should be directed to the plan decided by oneself after thorough analysis. A friendly approach to the world is required while maintaining one`s individuality. Ego centrism or vulnerability should be forsaken for the sake of progress.

  • Ketu in Virgo

    One has to overlook the chaos and disordered world to appreciate beauty and peace. Criticism must replace compassion by looking deep inside and accepting "imperfections".

  • Ketu in Libra

    The person born in this combination needs to break away from interdependencies in relationships, and assert one`s own individuality. Its high time one should gather courage to lift one`s existence.

  • Ketu in Scorpio

    This karmic pattern calls for relieving oneself from the distorted viewpoint regarding spirituality and sexuality. One should use the inner power to attain peace within.

  • Ketu in Sagittarius

    Ketu in Sagittarius leads one to seek truth through gathering information and getting exposed to wide range of experience with fearlessness. This is how anyone will get in touch with truth within.

  • Ketu in Capricorn

    Ketu in this zodiac asks the person to forsake his emotional coolness and rigid attitude, to develop respect and compassion towards others. In other words, all the negative aspects of Capricorn are to be avoided to gain completeness in life.

  • Ketu in Aquarius

    Ketu in Aquarius suggests a person to build positive ego image for himself, along with developing a playful attitude towards life. This is to avoid loneliness and fanatism on the extreme.

  • Ketu in Pisces

    The placement of Ketu in this zodiac advises the person to have an assertive attitude for himself and his capabilities, so that he can practically develop his potential to the very best. No escapism and fruitless dreams are meant to come in between the person and real achievement.
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