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Krittika (The one who cuts) Nakshatra
Krittika (The one who cuts)Deity: Agni. (The god of fire)
Yoni: Sheep.
Gana: Rakshasa

Krittika is the Nakshatra that rules Wars and aggression. People borne in this constellation are also very fiery in nature. They have a very strong personality, which at times can intimidate other people. On other times, the fire is well placed under placid exterior.

Krittika borne native is generally aggressive, focused, driven individual with sharp mind and cutting tongue. Many of them turn out to be overachievers.

There is a protective streak about people born under Krittika. Whether its about protecting the loved ones, adopting and nurturing an orphan, or fighting for the under trodden, the Krittika people surely shine out.

People born under this influence have magnetic personality and stand out in the crowd. They are also good at excelling through persistence. Therefore each profession applies to them. Yet, careers in engineering, law, military, business and interior decoration are often favourable.
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