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Mercury Planet in Horoscope
(The Messenger with wings)

Priyangava-gulikashyam rupena pratimambudam
saumyam saumya-gunopetam tani pranamamy aham

(I bow down to Mercury, whose beloved body is dark like the night,
the symbol of intelligence, and whose qualities are most beautiful.
Om, I bow down to Mercury.)

MercuryMercury is the closest planet to the sun, which moves with quick, bizarre motions. Quite suitably, the effects of the planet on mankind are equally unpredictable. Mercury lends restless, changing, quick and fickle vibes to the house it rules.

A person ruled by this planet has sharp thinking, diverse interests, inherent anxiety and versatile, changing temperament. The subject ruled by the planet also has good grasp for logic and analysis, and colorful imagination with natural flair in linguistics.

Mercury imparts intellect in a person. Although Jupiter also provides one with intelligence, its intelligence is much more deep and spiritual than mercury.

One of the major aspects of the planet is that it rules all forms of communication. Be it email, entertainment or media, the planet always plays the dominant role in these fields. As a provider of logic and analysis, it also governs scientific enquiries and research work. Therefore a well placed, strong mercury is usually seen in horoscopes of writers, astrologers, mathematician, engineer, dealers, brokers, businessmen (a person gifted with the planet is undeniably charming and shrewd), and people involved in the media. Mercury also provides with good dexterity with hands, and speaking skills. Hence many lecturers, artists, sculptors and salesmen are also the result of well-placed mercury. A Mercurian charms the people around him with his playfulness, enthusiasm, smooth talkativeness, and independent thinking. Sharp business acumen, and proficiency in multiple languages also comes natural to the people at good vibe with the planet. They also have flowing, quick reflexes, with a natural ability to do several things at once.

MercuryMercury rules Gemini. It is at exalted state in its own sign of Virgo, and becomes debilitated in Pisces. Friends of mercury are Venus, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter has no effect whatsoever with this planet. At the same time, mercury can`t see eye to eye with Moon.

According to the Roman mythology Mercury is the God of commerce, travel and thievery. Greek God Hermes is known as messenger of God.

According to Indian mythology, Jupiter`s wife Tharai became impregnated after having an affair with Moon. The resulting offspring was the planet Mercury (Budh). Lord Brahma stationed the planet near sun.

Mercury`s favourite color: Green.
Mercury`s favourite day: Wednesday
Mercury`s gemstone: emerald
Mercury`s God/ Deity: Goddess Parvati.

MercuryMercury rules over arms, ear, hearing system and nervous system. Suffering from constant anxiety is one of the factors attached with the planet. An ill placed Budh can cause major setback in communication ability of the chart beholder. It can also yield to lack of intellect, neurotic anxiety, insomnia, constipation, respiratory problems, immaturity and emotional insecurities. If a person with mercurial charisma of smooth talking and sharp thinking does not have a strong ethical guidance, they can easily give in to the habit of deceiving people, and sometimes, even themselves.

Whatever the aspect of life it affects, Mercury`s versatility, buoyancy, intellect and communication adds the necessary zest to our lives.

Mercury in all Rashis

Mercury rules communications. Thoughts and speech are its forte. Placement of mercury in the natal chart explains its behaviour in governing those aspects of our personalities.

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  • Mercury in Aries

    Mercury in Aries gives quick, intelligent and innovative thinking. People born with this combination are aggressive in their approach. They like to be on their toes all the time. Positively this effect gives a penetrating sharp mind. Negatively, it gives hasty conclusions and fickle thinking.

  • Mercury in Taurus

    Mercury in Taurus yields a keen appreciation for beauty and a practical approach towards life. Many a times the person born with this combination is inarticulate in expressions. Positively, it gives a stable mind, and even a sublime sense of expressions. Negatively, it can lead to lust, or dullness in thinking and grasping.

  • Mercury in Gemini

    Mercury is the ruler of this zodiac. Brilliance in writing and oratory skills are bestowed to the lucky person born with this full influence of the planet. The person tends to be curious and interested in everything. Positively, the person is sharp, witty, multidimensional and endowed with great communication skills. Negatively, the person can be fickle, scatterbrain and even stammering.

  • Mercury in Cancer

    Mercury in cancer brings out sensitivity and intuition in a natal chart. The person is usually a great listener. He is cautious and prudent in thinking, with love for traditional expressions. Positively, the person is sympathetic with others. Negatively, it can yield to cruelty.

  • Mercury in Leo

    Mercury in Leo makes people strong minded and highly opiniated. They give a dramatic flair to their communication skills. Positively, the people have natural capacity for leadership. Negatively, the person becomes domineering and self-centered.

  • Mercury in Virgo

    Mercury in Virgo gives highly analytical skills, as the planet is placed in its own zodiac. People born with this combination hate to be illogical and disorganised. A slight ignorance flare up their irritation and anxiety. Positively, it produces a warm person with brilliant mind for details and research work. Negatively it inclines one towards over criticism, irritability and no imagination.

  • Mercury in Libra

    Mercury in this sign seeks harmony and balance in thoughts. In this zodiac it can yield a combination of emotions, intellect, and charm. Positively, the judgment and intelligence in communication skill is excellent. Negatively, the person speaks too quickly and rashly.

  • Mercury in Scorpio

    Effect of Mercury in Scorpio is that of seeking the truth and depth behind everything and everyone. Though often not so capable of expressing himself or herself clearly, the person can grasp and read other people`s thoughts uncannily. Positively, one blessed with this alliance can go deep inside mysteries and stands for truth. Negatively, it is pompous and concerns only with the self.

  • Mercury in Sagittarius

    This combination makes the person quick, vigorous and quite a visionary. They put imagination in whatever they speak, hence its not unusual for them to often deviate from truth. They would love to be surrounded by people and listened to. Positively, the thinking is universal and humane. Negatively, the person is dominating and unconcerned about facts or other`s opinion.

  • Mercury in Capricorn

    Mercury in this sign forces a person to be watchful about the words one speaks. The thoughts are meticulously planned and executed. Ambitious, calculating nature with possibility of avarice is also evident. Positively, the effects are that of a strong mind, understanding, reliability and patience. Negatively, the person is manipulative and calculative for selfish gains in whatever they do.

  • Mercury in Aquarius

    The people under this influence are bound to think out of the box. They are highly intuitive with often-strong recipient of `Hunches`. They are outgoing, though they may be regarded a bit eccentric by others. When well placed, it makes the person devoted to welfare of others, with good use of his keen grasping capabilities. Negatively, the person really becomes eccentric and anti social.

  • Mercury in Pisces

    Mercury in this sign makes the person inclined towards arts and intuition. Person`s thinking also acquires a dream like quality, a bit out of touch with reality. Positively, they may prove to be artistic and good with people. Negatively, they may have a dependent and with a weak streak where relationships with people is concerned.
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