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Moon Planet in Horoscope
(Ruler of the subconscious)

Dadhi-shankha-tusharabham kshirodarnava-sambhavam
namami shashinam soman sambhor mukta-bhushanam

(I bow down to the Moon, who is creamy white like a container of yogurt (dahi) and most pleasing, born from the churning ocean of milk, the effulgent emblem of devotion, which adorns the head of Lord Shiva.
Om, I bow to the Moon.)

MoonMoon is the natural satellite of planet Earth. Being the closest celestial body, it casts profound effects on all life forms on the planet. Humans are no exception. Moon affects our personality, thinking, instincts, subconscious, feelings, and all the mental processes. In abstract, moon represents our mind. In Indian astrology, the placement of moon in the chart of a person is of highest importance. Moon is suppose to govern the power of mind. Moon also deeply affects water, tides as well as our body fluids.

Moon is responsible for our fertility, growth, long distance travel, mental peace, memory, relation with our mother and childbirth. A good and powerful moon provides us with good emotional strength and harmonious life. A weak moon can cause mental anxiety, emotional disturbance, and tough relations with our mother and people around us. Along with our sensitivity and emotions, our looks, love for fine arts, intuitions, imagination, creativity, and sensuality is deeply connected with this planet (planet as in astrological terms only).

According to Hindu mythology, Moon had married all the 27 daughters of king Dakshan, who are the star constellations (27 Nakshatras) in the sky. But he loved to spend time with only his beloved queen Rohini. Other wives complained the matter to their father. Inspite of king Dakshan`s repeated interference, Moon did not rectify his habit. Dakshan finally lost his mind and cursed moon, causing it to wane in size. Moon started diminishing in size, and feeling the ill consequences of it, all the gods intervened and requested the king to revoke the curse. King then assured that only if Moon visits all his wives, he would regain his strength for half a month. That is the reason why Moon visits the entire 27 constellations during the month, constantly waxing and waning in size.

MoonMoon is the ruler of the zodiac cancer. It is all-powerful in the signs of Taurus, and debilitated in the sign of Scorpio. Sun and mercury are moon`s beloved friends, while Rahu and Ketu are its eternal enemies. Moon is neutral to Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn.

Moon`s favourite color: white.
Moon`s favourite day: Monday
Moon`s favourite gemstone: pearl.
Moon`s favourite Deity: Lord Shiva.

Moon largely governs the menstrual cycle and fertility in women. A not so well placed, or badly aspected Moon causes imbalance in body fluids, weight gain, infertility, anemia, constipation, fever, colds, and bronchitis. It can cause problem related to lungs, kidney, as well as susceptibility to cancer.

This tender and wise Planet looks after the general well being of our lives. The versatility and emotional depth given by this planet forms the backbone of all the life forms.

Moon in all Rashis

Moon governs our emotional side, thinking patterns and life in general. In Jyotish Shastra Moon sign, or the sign in which moon is placed at the time of birth is of utmost importance. The zodiac in which the moon is placed at the time of birth will determine the kind of energy imparted by this celestial body closest to earth.

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  • Moon in Aries

    Moon in this sign creates a sense of adventure and assertiveness towards life. It awards one with energetic disposition. Ambition and fierce drive are the constant characteristics of the person with this combination in the natal chart. Negatively, impulsiveness or rash behaviour is apparent. Positively, qualities of courage, self-confidence and leadership are heightened.

  • Moon in Taurus

    Moon in Taurus give a natural inclination to material things in life. It also awards the person with patience, a capacity for hard work and appreciation for beauty and arts. If badly placed, the person becomes stubborn, selfish and sadistic. If well placed, the moon yields a calm, excellent nature with fairness towards all. A good voice is also one of the gifts of a well-placed moon in Taurus.

  • Moon in Gemini

    Flexibility, talkativeness and quick thinking are the familiar qualities when moon is in this particular sign. Negatively, the person becomes unreliable, indecisive and untrustworthy. Positively, the gifts of communication i.e. oratory skills and writing are naturally bestowed. Such people are intellectuals, social delight, and have an agreeable disposition.

  • Moon in Cancer

    Moon is the ruler of this zodiac.
    When moon is placed in this sign, it will strongly indicate an impressionable, romantic person. Positively, it will mean that the person is warm, affectionate, and highly generous. Negatively, it means that the person is mean, over impressionable and demanding.

  • Moon in Leo

    Moon in Leo yields a passion and optimism for life. It gives inclination for pleasure seeking, grandeur, ambition, courage and independent personality. Negatively, the traits can be that of extreme show off, egoistism and selfishness. Positively, the influence is that of being generous, compassionate, creative and a leader.

  • Moon In Virgo

    People with moon in Virgo in their charts often go through low self-esteem and insecurities due to their inclinations to be over critical about themselves. Their actions are usually motivated to appease others and get appreciation from them. Moon in this sign also bestows cleverness and attention to details. Negatively, a person may be too overcritical, timid and fussy. Positively, the person is neat; orderly; happy go lucky and patient.

  • Moon in Libra

    A person with moon in Libra seeks harmony in his emotional being. The native is gentle and genial. He is a social person and can`t live alone. He often goes out of the way to please people. The person also embodies huge attraction for various arts and opposite sex. Negatively, the native gets hyper and rushes to extreme situations under easy influences. Positively, the native approaches life with harmony and balance.

  • Moon in Scorpio

    Moon in Scorpio yields high amount of passion, insight and constancy in nature. It also leads to intense, but often-inscrutable emotions. Positively, the people born in this influence are self confident, intuitive, with inclination towards occult. They possess great sensitivity for others. Negatively, they are selfish, manipulative, cruel and stubborn.

  • Moon in Sagittarius

    Moon in Sagittarius creates yearning for independence and various activities. The person is charming, bright, enthusiastic, knowledge seeking and friendly. Positively, the subject is gay and cheery; with strong compassionate nature. Negatively, they are irritable, nervous, inconsistent, non-understanding and usually a scatterbrain.

  • Moon in Capricorn

    People with Capricorn moon are determined, reliable and steadfast in their approach to life and work. In this particular influence, Great ambition combines with perseverance and caution. Negatively, the natives tend to be self centered, heartless, unscrupulous and underhanded. Positively, people are discriminating, faithful, dependent, wise, practical and achievers.

  • Moon in Aquarius

    This combination generates unusual, erratic and progressive reactions. The person is freedom loving, broad minded and truthful only to his set of ideals (however unconventional). Anything routine and non-intriguing bores them. Positively, the natives have a creative, intuitive and studious mind along with interests in human affairs and healing capabilities. Negatively, it generates depressions, mood swings and rebel.

  • Moon In Pisces

    Moon in this sign signifies an emotional, perceptive and dreamy nature. The person can be too detached with reality. Positively, it gives a sympathetic nature, nursing capabilities and intuitive qualities. Negatively, it leads to underhanded dealings and inclination to drugs and alcohol.
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