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Mrigashira (Deer`s head) Nakshatra
Deity: Soma / Chandra.
Yoni: Serpent
Gana: Deva

This Nakshatra depicts "curiosity" or Searching. A search for something more brilliant keeps the people born in the Nakshatra going for new avenues in life.

Mrigashira borne are gentle like a deer, with equally attractive appearance. But within themselves, they are constantly searching the greener pastures on the other side.

People of this Nakshatra are either researchers, scientists or in other professions going through the life allured by changes and adventures. They are good public speakers, intelligent, and friendly in nature. People born in this Nakshatra have a natural attraction for opposite sex, and are constantly pushing their limits to have romantic affairs.

This Nakshatra also speaks of Motherly instincts. The subjects are good and loving parent. They are also devoted to their mothers.

Career avenues imbibing constant changes are ideal for Mrigashira borne. Sports, travel industry, media etc attract their natural Professional interests.
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