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Nag Rudraksha
Nag RudrakshaThis rudraksha is to end all things successfully; whether they are obstacles or smooth ending of career. It gives insight to the wearer about how to overcome obstacles. This is a very very powerful and rare rudraksha. A possessor of it is free from all the undesirable evils.
Nag rudraksha is also extremely positive for the people afflicted by `Kaal Sarp Yog`. Usually, when possessed by the genius afflicted with kaal sarp, he gains immense fame, power and money in any effort that he takes on. The ruling planet for the rudraksha is considered to be Venus.
Eka Mukhi Dvi Mukhi Tri Mukhi
Chatur Mukhi Pancha Mukhi Shhat Mukhi
Sapta Mukhi Ashta Mukhi Nava Mukhi
Dash Mukhi Ekaadasha Mukhi Dvaadasha Mukhi
Trayodasha Mukhi Chaturdasha Mukhi Fifteen Mukhi
Sixteen Mukhi Seventeen Mukhi Eighteen Mukhi
Nineteen Mukhi Twenty Mukhi Twenty-One Mukhi
Trijuti Rudraksha Ganesha Rudraksha Nag Rudraksha
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