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Purva ashadha (The invincible) Nakshatra
Purva ashadha (The invincible)Deity: Apah (Water deified.)
Yoni: Monkey
Gana: Manushya

Water is known to be the most impressive force of nature. Apah (Deity of cosmic waters) bestows this Nakshatra with a proud independent and commanding nature. Just like the manner in which water purifies us after taking baths, the native born in this Nakshatra have the constant urge to improve on themselves and situations in life.

They keep on winning battles one after another, and hence the sign of "The invincible". Their asset is the huge reservoir of philosophical and emotional depth, through which they take easy command and precedence over others. This Nakshatra is known for declaration of wars. The Purva ashadha people move towards their goals with awesome fearlessness, aggression and control. Yet many people born in this Nakshatra remain passive, or unfocused towards their goals in career and education. This is a pity, Cause this constellation give one an opportunity to be truly victorious.
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