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Rahu Planet in Horoscope
(Demon`s head)

Ardha-kayam maha-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam
simhika-garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy aham

(I bow down to Rahu, the great warrior who divides even the
Sun and Moon in half, born from the womb of Simhikaa.
Om, I bow down to Rahu.)

RahuRahu is not an actual planet. In reality, it is an intelligent concept unique to Indian astrology. The two nodes where Earth`s trajectory round the Sun, and Moon`s trajectory around the earth intersects are named as Rahu and Ketu. Consideration of these two Lunar nodes /imaginary planets lends more precision to analysis in astrology.

According to Hindu mythology, Rahu is the head of the demon, and is responsible for solar eclipse when Sun, moon and Earth aligns in common zodiacal longitude.

Mythology states that when Lord Vishnu extracted the nectar of immortality by churning the sea, he invited Gods and Gods only, to drink it. Rahu being a demon was prohibited to attend the distribution ceremony. Hence, Rahu disguised himself as God and drank the nectar, sitting between the Sun and Moon gods. Both the Gods came to know the reality of Rahu`s disguise, and revealed it to Lord Vishnu. Enraged Vishnu cut the head of Rahu. Since the nectar had reached Rahu`s neck by then, the head survived, while the rest of the body turned to ashes. Later, the rest of the body was revived and was named Ketu. As the story goes, since then, both the planets are hell bent on taking revenge with Sun and Moon, by constantly causing Solar and Lunar eclipses.

DragonRahu is considered to be a Shudra graha, which rules illiteracy and uncultured people. In horoscopes it is considered to be a malefic planet, which signifies thieves, witches, magicians, venom, snake, jails, cemeteries, spies, criminals, terrorists etc. People dealing in occult, especially dark magic are deeply influenced by this planet. Rahu is similar to Saturn in its effects. Hence Rahu can also subject one with unexpected losses, frustration, failures etc, if not placed in the advantageous position.

At the same time, if in favour of the person, Rahu grants success, unexpected gains, strengthen one`s powers and turns foes in friends.

Rahu is instinctual and animalistic in nature. It craves for pleasures, and is never satisfied with the gains. Fame, success in politics, money and physical attractions are all granted by this planet. And yet the ambition never seems to be fulfilled.

Rahu rules no zodiac, as it is not a real planet.

Sign of RahuIt is said to be exalted in Taurus, giving auspicious results in Libra as well. Virgo can be considered to be Rahu`s own house, as Rahu is similar to Saturn, and Mercury is the friend of Saturn.

Rahu likes its friends Mercury, Saturn and Venus. The enemies are Sun, Moon, and Mars.

This planet relates to the mind, and can give brooding habits, fights and trifles to an ignorant man.

Rahu`s favourite color: Blue, Black.
Rahu`s favourite Day: Saturday.
Rahu`s favourite gemstone: Hessonite.
Rahu`s favourite God/ Deity: Lord Hanuman.

Rahu as a provider of Success and strength makes the mankind realise its best and worst aspects of human potential.

Rahu in all Rashis

Rahu`s placement in a zodiac, considerably diminish / change the powers of that Rashi in our natal chart. To counteract it, one should give extra attention to the qualities of that particular sign.

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  • <b>Rahu in Mesha (Aries)

    Rahu is this zodiac establishes all the friendly aspects of the zodiac minus the aggressiveness and drive. The person needs to increase the inheritent traits of individuality and drive in him. Negatively, the person may be non-individual, always leaning on other`s opinion. If Positively changed, the person can be an achiever when in the right fields of leadership.

  • Rahu in Taurus

    Rahu can diminish the natural benefits of this sign, so beware of loosing out on patience and stability which happens to be the greatest assets of this sign. The intense emotions have to be controlled to get the real things in life. Negatively, a person can be demanding without working out in life. A person achieves great success when he/she overcomes the negative characteristics by working hard.

  • Rahu in Gemini

    Rahu in Gemini doesn`t necessary lessen the quick thinking and intellect, but can greatly effect communication skills. One needs to improve on this aspect of life to gain basic success in life.

  • Rahu in Cancer

    Rahu in cancer forces the person to get serious early in life, probably due to certain mishaps of childhood. The feelings have to be let out to be comfortable with oneself, and one`s family. A strenuous effect to make `stable` life is must.

  • Rahu in Leo

    Rahu in Leo forces the person to hide his/her feelings of being openly creative or being the centre of applause. A person with genuine talent should not let this combination ruin their share of joy. They should come out and bask in creativity with fearless pride.

  • Rahu in Virgo

    Rahu in Virgo fuels imagination and love for finer things and beauty. But it can diminish the sense of practical viewpoint that`s so necessary. A friendly and romantic ambience encompasses such people. But a down to earth attitude will make them brilliant achievers as this combination favours success.

  • Rahu in Libra

    Rahu in Libra attacks the very sweetness of this sign, forcing the people to be more pushy and aggressive. This influence also affects their relationships with people, let alone romance. Gentleness, diplomacy and charm should be practised to acquire more fulfilling life. Beauty and arts should be the integral part of life to increase the happiness.

  • Rahu in Scorpio

    This combination produces people with simplistic approach in life with high sense of contention from whatever they have. Sexual ecstasy and deep insights is alien to them. They should practise to broaden their horizons, go deep within themselves and their sexuality.

  • Rahu in Sagittarius

    This combination produces intelligent and clever thinking, though long term visions and ideals may just be lacking. The person should make use of education and experience to lay a solid and ambitious foundation for his success in life.

  • Rahu in Capricorn

    This alliance make one a sentimental, family oriented person. You are a natural disciplinarian. Once you acquire practical viewpoint, one will achieve success irrespective of odds.

  • Rahu in Aquarius

    Rahu Aquarian combination brings out the natural good side of the zodiac to be person of masses. The drawback being, the person usually attaches his/her ego with the same, and start treating others as slaves than actual friends. They have to let go of this habit to be truly generous and friendly and to reap the rewards Rahu brings.

  • Rahu in Pisces

    Working hard and living practically is all-consummate for life of people with this amalgamation. The person has to consciously see the romantic, creative and spiritual side in their life to be truly enriching.
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