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Revati (The opulent) Nakshatra
Revati (The opulent)Deity: Pushan (the nourisher)
Yoni: Elephant
Gana: Deva

Revati is the last constellation of all. This is the Nakshatra where moon finishes his journey to embark on next one. Revati bids it goodbye and assures a safe journey ahead. Same symbolism can be used for people born in this star constellation. They embark from this life to next with ease and comfort. The metaphor applies to all the travels as well.
Ruled by Pushan, the subjects of Revati are responsible people taking care of others.They nurture and nourish people around them. They are loving and protective. The result is which that this Nakshatra grants them prosperity, and bid them farewell at the time of their death to reap the karmic rewards in their next life.
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