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Rohini (The Red One) Nakshatra
Rohini (The Red One)Deity: lord Brahma.
Yoni: Snake.
Gana: Manushya.

Out of the 27 Nakshatra, Rohini was one of the most beloved queens of moon. She became the cause of curse on her husband. She is said to be Beautiful, seductive, pampered, and fond of fine and beautiful things in life.

Much similar to her characteristics, people born in Rohini are elegant, seductive, and passionate, with good sex drive. Often they don`t hesitate to use their charisma to gain whatever they want in life.

Rohini also rules Birth and Creation. Rohini people are always upto creating something or other.

They are lover of arts, music, fine clothes and luxury. They attract love and admiration quite naturally. At times, this is the reason they become insensitive and critical towards not so fortunate people. Otherwise, natives are usually very well behaved people.

The professions suiting people born under this Nakshatra are politics, writing, acting, arts, and agriculture.
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