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Sade Sati in Astrology
Sade SatiSade Sati refers to a time period of seven and half years dominated by the influence of Saturn in our life. In India, where astrology is deep rooted in everyone`s psyche, Sade sati or Saturn spells dread and apprehensions. But it is important to understand this concept suitably to get more insight in our own destinies. After all, whatever the phases of our life, the best way to face them is with a down to earth attitude and cheerful smile.

In Vedic astrology, moon is the major force that governs our life. This is unlike western astrology, where `Sun sign` is considered far more important than `Moon sign`. Moon sign or Janmarashi in our horoscope is the zodiac in which the moon is placed at the time of our birth.

Saturn is the cold, stern planet, famously known as a tough taskmaster. It causes delays, gloom and frustration wherever it goes. Sade sati is the time when our Janmarashi comes under the influence of Saturn. Saturn transits through each zodiac or Rashi, in two and a half years. Sade sati is the time when Saturn is transiting through the sign previous to the Janmarashi (two and half years), in the Janmarashi itself (again two and a half years), and the sign next to Janmarashi (again two and half years making it a course of 7 and half years in total). Saturn`s transit in each Rashi is known as Dhaiyya.

For example, if a person was born in `kark` (cancer) rashi then, Sade sati will begin for that individual the day Saturn will enter the previous sign, that is Mithuna rashi or Gemini. While the Saturn is going through Mithuna Rashi, the period will be known as `Pratham Dhaiyya` (first phase).

That native`s second Dhaiyya will start when Shani will enter Kark rashi itself. This will be major Dhaiyya with the profound outcome in full blow. The individual`s Third Dhaiyya will begin when Saturn will enter the next zodiac, i.e. Leo (sihm). The person`s Sade sati will finish the day Saturn will exit from Leo. All the meanwhile, that individual will be having various forms of setbacks and losses depending on the Dhaiyya, and his own horoscope. People having horoscopes where Saturn is well placed, tend to progress in Sade sati instead of suffering from reverse effects. Similarly, a strong well-placed moon also makes the horoscope holder highly immune from the effects of Sade Sati.

Sade SatiHence, the phases of Sade sati are not same for everyone. For rare few people the period can turn out to be fatal, for most it is most trying one, while it proves to be highly prosperous time period for few. For an individual, different Dhaiyya give different effects on health, wealth, career, marriage and relations. Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn and Aquarius. It is also the yoga karaka (that planet which has the power and energy to bring growth, progress, prosperity, good luck and good fortune) for Taurus and Libra rising signs. When Sade-sati occurs for Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius moon signs, the Sade-sati tend to be less negative.

Since, Saturn takes 29 and half years approx. to complete the entire circle of zodiac belt, a Sade sati can occur upto three times in a human`s lifespan. It is said that the third Sade sati takes adverse effects on a person`s health and can even result in his death.

IST Dhaiyya

In the first cycle, when Saturn transits 12th house from moon for 2 and a half years, the evil results are felt by the parents and near relations of the native. The health of grandmother will be affected and may result in her death. The eyesight of the native can be affected necessitating the use of spectacles. Saturn here creates extra expenditure.

The position of Saturn may affect the financial position. As Saturn aspects 2ndhouse, it may retard environmental activities. If in a birth chart, Saturn is passing through the last phase of life, it may force native to get sanyas VIZ one will be detached from his or her family, wealth, home etc. Forsaking of these worldly things amounts to Sanyas.

In addition to the above during this period, the father of native may have set back or reversal, loss etc. in his profession, and will lead to an extra, unwanted and uncalled for expenditure which may become unbearable for the native.

2ND Dhaiyya

During this cycle, Saturn transits the moon sign for 2 years. During this period, it affects the native himself in domestic and professional fields. Also denotes ill health and death of some relations, fear from enemies, journey to distant places and separation from relations like brothers, sisters, wife or family etc. May cause imprisonment, miseries, loss of wealth, fatigue and general debility, loss of friends, Obstructions and delay in undertakings, failure in attempts and increased expenditure.

3RD Dhaiyya

Saturn when transits in 2nd house from Moon, third cycle of Sade Sati starts. It affects one`s health, children and May even cause death if it comes late in life. During this transit, loss of health, happiness, loss of position, increased expenditure, financial stress and physical weakness might be felt. Gain of wealth from others, which will be lost, deception through wicked men. May cause death of children too if other combinations to confirm the same are present.

Many believe that Sade sati is the debt of karma, which each individual has to pay in his life. Still, Astrologers suggests certain remedies to lessen the ill effects of Sade sati. Visiting Hanuman temple, to offer tribute to deity who won over Shanidev is one such popular one. Charity of black udad and oil is also a widespread action to pacify Saturn.

Sade sati is the astrological phenomenon during which the effects are felt by the individual and his/ her relatives. It is not a phase to be scared of. Forewarning prepares you to take things in stride, and accept the happenings. But the biggest advantage of Sade sati is that it teaches us important lessons in life which if learnt properly makes up the basic foundation of every success and achievement we make henceforth. Laziness and wrong attitude has to be discarded as the repeated failures teach us. We come to know about the higher priorities of life, other than materialistic (as said that a friend`s worth is only valued in difficulties.) The unwanted and unnecessary things are discarded. It is also the time to take a detachment from materialistic success and failures, instead of fretting over them. Sade sati gives perfect opportunity to be in touch with our spiritual self. In the long run, any person who value higher learning in life and accomplishments obtained after a series of trials will thank Sade Sati for making the life more meaningful.
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