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Saturn Planet in Horoscope
(The tough Taskmaster)

Nilaρjana-samabhasam ravi-putram yamagrajam
chaya-martanda-sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam

(I bow down to Saturn, who is blue like a storm cloud, the son of the Sun
and the brother of Death, who can cast his shadow even over the Sun.
Om, I bow down to Saturn.)

SaturnSaturn is the planet quoted as the taskmaster ruling hard work and discipline. It is also known as the planet of darkness. Saturn is a very powerful, and the slowest moving planet in the zodiac. The effects it produces are delays, frustrations, difficulties and depressions. Saturn also governs age and death.

To the common man in India, the very name of Shani (Saturn) brings a deep sense of fear and apprehension. But wisdom consists in learning through all the difficulties in life, and rising above it as a more enlightened human being. This is the basic philosophy that Saturn conveys. No wonder it is regarded as the `Teacher`. Saturn often handles the success to the person after thoroughly checking and seeing that he is totally prepared to handle it well.

In Roman mythology, Saturn is the God of agriculture. According to Greeks, The planet is known as Cronus, who was the father of Zeus (Jupiter).

The Hindu mythology conveys different stories for Shani or Shanaishchara (slow moving). It is said that when Surya`s wife Sanchigai, after bearing his three sons` went to visit her father`s place unannounced, she left her shadow behind. This shadow, called Chaya devi bore three more sons from Sun, one of which was Shani. Ever since its birth, wherever Shani has gazed, it has brought some diseases and destruction along.

Shani was also crippled by his stepbrother, Yama. Hence, the legend verifies the fact that Shani casts delays and difficulty in path of actions to succeed.

Shani also rules inner conscience. A well-placed Saturn in the horoscope defines detachment, wisdom, integrity and spirituality. Its effects are quite prominent in the charts of monks and priests. Shani, also depicting hard work, rules in the charts of laborers, miners, masons, mechanics, civil servants etc. Saturnine people also work as archeologists, historians, coveters of museum etc.

A misplaced strong Saturn imparts a cold and cruel personality in the person. Its wrong placement also results in thefts, lawsuits and death by the way of seemingly cruel way of destiny.

SaturnSaturn is one cold and Dry planet, under which we learn to be more responsible and disciplined. Every person has to go through atleast some phases in life under the influence of this planet (Famously known as Sade Sati). If the phase is thoughtfully taken as a learning period, it gives ample of life long advantage.

Saturn is the lord of signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It is at its peak in Libra, and Debilitated in Aries. Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are his friendly signs. While Sun Moon and mars are considered to be his enemies. Jupiter is neutral to Saturn.

Saturn`s favourite color: Blue, black
Saturn`s favourite day: Saturday.
Saturn`s favourite gemstone: Blue sapphire / Neelam.
Saturn`s Favourite deity/ God: Lord Hanuman.

Saturn rules bones, teeth, knees and Ears. Since it moves slowly, it causes recurring problems like cold, cough, bronchitis, and rheumatism, TB etc. When placed in a weak chart, Saturn makes a person depressed, an escapist, sorrowful, irresponsible creature, with tendencies towards drug abuse, and alcohol.

Whatever are the apprehensions attached with this planet, Saturn is not the planet to be feared of. After all, a success gained after winning over obstacles is the truly satisfying one, accompanied by a deeper, and eternal knowledge about life. And that is the invaluable reward Shani imparts in our destinies.

Saturn in all Rashis

The position of Saturn in our birth chartl determines our capacity to be responsible and hard working in life. It also depicts the amount of delays and obstacles we may encounter in our life, along with the efficiency and manner of our actions.

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  • Saturn in Aries

    Restrictive Saturn in the innovative sign of Aries produces a lot of confusion. Every step taken ahead by the person born with this influence might have to face confusion, delays and obstacles. Still, the forceful drive of Aries can convert constant efforts in success. Positively, this makes the person a hard worker. Negatively, the person becomes demanding, frustrated and unnecessary forceful.

  • Saturn in Taurus

    This combination brings all the qualities of Saturn to fore. The person has enormous stamina, determination and sense of responsibility to work hard. He/ She always strives for material security, with an inclination, and more often a knack for making money. Negatively, the person may turn out to be rigid, cold and selfish, with problems in throat and thyroid. Positively, the combination gives a knack for making money and enough generosity once he has acquired enough wealth in life.

  • Saturn in Gemini

    Saturn is well placed in Gemini where it gives depth to the already present intellect. There is some inclination as well as knack for making money. Negatively, a person may use underhanded tactics to make money; becomes sneak thief or a gambler. Positively, he has fine mind for arts and finance; dexterous and adept at more than one thing; and is quite excellent in figures. The person may suffer from chest and lungs ailments

  • Saturn in Cancer

    This combination enhances the effects of both Saturn and Cancer. The person can become more gloomy and brooding. But the tenacity aspect is also increased. Negatively, the effects are that of a clinger, untrustworthy and a work dodger. Positively, the person is tenacious, single-minded and hardworking.

  • Saturn in Leo

    This combination expects achievements that brings applaud and admiration from public. (Though the person will never make it obvious). He / she is uncomfortable in excessive display of affections. Negatively this trait can make a person complete show off, and a credit seeker where its not deserving. Positively, the person is a hard worker, truly spectacular achiever, self-assured, strong willed and authoritative.

  • Saturn in Virgo

    People born with this particular combination are extremely neat and methodical in their work. It is a good combination bestowing the person a good appetite for hard work and practical wisdom. Although, a lack of imagination and being bogged by insecurities is a major drawback of this influence. Negatively, a person may be finicky to unnecessary details, rude to others for the same reason, and full of insecurities and gloom. Positively, the person is highly efficient, patient, persevering and excellent nurse and physician.

  • Saturn in Libra

    Saturn`s practicality balances the scales of Libra in this particular house. It may give trouble in love life, but gives a lot of stability in life in general. It is good for public success. Negatively, the person may be cold towards arts and emotions, but the full effect is never there. Positively, the person performs well, and is balanced, reliable, humanitarian and conscientious.

  • Saturn in Scorpio

    This combination accounts for fierce drive, which leads to "by hook or by crook" morality in most of the cases. The person sees a task to the end once he / she takes it up. Keen insight in human nature makes them all-powerful to use human psyche to gain objectives. Negatively, the person can be underhanded, crooked, unreliable or incapable. Positively, the grasp of minute details for getting the work done is uncanny and thorough with intelligent ways to handle situation and people.

  • Saturn in Sagittarius

    Though this combination produces setbacks in early life, it also gifts unusual wisdom and lesson of patience and long term thinking to the chart holder. Negatively, the person is a work dodger, and acts only in specific circumstances. Positively, the subject is a generous leader with lasting achievements.

  • Saturn in Capricorn

    Saturn is the ruler of this zodiac. Hence the effects of the planet are full and complete. Ambition, stern discipline and steadfastness are the very qualities belonging to people working under this particular combination. Negatively, the manifestations of the traits are gloom, ruthlessness, and uncaring attitude. Positively, the natives are highly responsible, dependent and capable people who like to become self sufficient from the early age itself.

  • Saturn in Aquarius

    Saturn is again at home with this zodiac. An Aquarian Saturn bestows the knack for success when working with the public is considered. Popular politicians and entertainers usually have this kind of influence in their chart. Negatively, the person may become infamous, or inner fears will lead them to a lonely, unproductive life. Positively, they become benefactor for public.

  • Saturn in Pisces

    Saturn in Pisces brings out the two extremes of the zodiac. The person can be dragging along the job just to get the paycheck. Positively, the person works meticulously and intuitively for a job well done.
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